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Program Description

Chinese language program is designed for students who are willing to learn Chinese. When students first join the program, they will be placed into different classes based on the result of the placement test. Upon completing the program, learners will greatly improve their Chinese proficiency, utilize Chinese in daily communication and lay a great foundation for proficiency tests such as Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) and Hanyu Kouyu Shuiping Ceshi(HKC).

Our graduates could also choose to apply to Chinese universities for further study. In recent years, our graduates are admitted to prestigious Chinese universities and vocational colleges because of their fluent Chinese and excellent grades of HSK and HKC.

Students Services

TICC focuses strongly on students’ development and devotes lots of effort to find the best way for every student not only for their academics but also for their career advancement. Our aim is to cultivate global leaders who are bilingual.

Follow-on Study

If graduates want to obtain an edge in the competitive job market with a higher degree, they can select our Preparatory University Program. We have the strategic partnership with several famous universities. For example, upon successfully completing the coursework and passing HSK 5, students will have guaranteed transfer to our partner universities to pursue the bachelor’s degree. They can choose Chinese language major for 2 more years or other majors for 3 more years. Universities offer scholarship options for our graduates.

Career Development

In order to find the best way for each student, we provide various work placement and internship opportunities to meet our graduates’ employment requirements. We maintain a good relationship with some famous enterprises. Recruiters target our college because we have better education quality and our graduates are highly employable. We work closely with recruiters to host on and off campus recruitment events.

Various Student Activities

Our college organizes regular activities for all students in order to improve their language skills, such as seminars, meet-ups and holiday parties. We also host special events related to the Chinese traditional festivals or field trips in Tianjin or cities nearby (e.g. Beijing). Students can better understand Chinese culture and living style when explored to these local activities. Besides, students can also make more friends from various fields who take different classes in our college, so they can expand their personal networks, such as businessmen, and expats.

Cost and Fees

  • Tuition Fee: ¥7000/semester
  • Application Fee: ¥500
  • Insurance: ¥400/semester
  • Books and Supplies: ¥ 500/semester

Funding Option

We will provide a scholarship for some programs. Scholarship must be applied separately.

Start and End Dates

Our enrollment runs all year round on a rolling basis.

Application Process

  • Prepare application materials and send them to;
  • Schedule and have an interview.
  • If enrolled, pay a processing fee of 500 RMB and a tuition deposit of 3500 RMB.
  • We will mail out the admission letter and JW202 form for your visa application.
  • Apply for a student visa in the Chinese Consulate in your home Country.
  • Enter China with your X1/X2 visa; arrange for an airport pick-up if needed, and complete registration at our college by the reporting date specified.

Documents Required

  • Completed Application Form for International Student;
  • Copy of the personal information page of your passport;
  • Copy of health examination form;
  • Copy of the certificate of the highest degree;
  • Copy of the test report of HSK or HKC (optional).

Last updated Feb 2019

About the School

Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC) is a Chinese language institution accredited by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission. The college offers Chinese language programs and issues study visa ... Read More

Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC) is a Chinese language institution accredited by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission. The college offers Chinese language programs and issues study visa (X1/X2) to students worldwide. Read less