Chinese Course: Private Tailor-Made Course

Our Private tailor-made courses are for students who want to enjoy the full benefits of individual attention and a flexible schedule while learning the Chinese language or culture. You can decide the class time,anytime from 8:30am-21:00pm,Monday to Sunday (If you like). When you book a private course, you can just focus on your own weak points and give you more individual attention. Your teacher carries out a needs analysis with you and together, decide on your study program and materials.Beginners can have a rapid progress and advanced learners can focus the specific area that students would like to.

Who is it suitable for?

Foreigners who live in Beijing but don’t have the time to attend regular group lessons, those wanting to effectively improve their existing Chinese level or that have an interest in Chinese culture.

Is a private tailor-made course right for you?

This course will help you to:

  • Become a more fluent speaker as you interact with your teacher
  • Improve the areas of language knowledge (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) and topics you want to focus on
  • Develop your core language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Focus on specific areas of the Chinese language or culture that interest you

What will you study?

When you book a private course, you focus on your own language needs and requirements. Your teacher carries out a needs analysis with you and together you decide on your study program and materials. Whether your course focuses on developing your level of language knowledge or on fluency practice depends on your specific language needs. The content of a private tailor-made course is completely flexible and determined by your needs and your preferred learning style.


Beginner level

This level starts from Hanyu Pinyin learning, then to basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. You will be able to have simple conversations with Chinese people on daily life topics.

Level 1

At this level, you will learn 250 frequently used words, 25 sentence patterns and 150 sentences in common use, which enables you to introduce yourself, order in a restaurant and communicate with your house maids etc.

Level 2

You will learn 350 new words, 35 sentence patterns and 200 sentences in common use. You can express wishes and requirements concerning food, haircutting etc. and be able to discuss future plans.

Intermediate level

This level is mainly about spoken Chinese used in daily communication. You can communicate fluently with people on various topics under different circumstances.

Level 3

You will learn 300 new words, 45 sentence patterns and 250 sentences in common use. You will learn to express your feelings and describe life situations.

Level 4

You will continue to expand your vocabulary. At this level, you will learn 350 words, 55 sentence patterns and 300 sentences in common use. You will be able to express opinions on different things and become more familiar with Chinese culture.

Advanced level

You will expand your vocabulary and improve fluency in spoken Chinese to be on par with a native speaker. You will also become more familiar with Chinese culture and society.

Level 5

You will learn 400 new words, 70 sentence patterns and 350 sentences in common use. Learn more about the use of associated words as well as how to express your point of view.

Level 6

You will learn around 500 words, 80 sentence patterns and 400 sentences in common use. You will also learn more about Chinese culture, local customs and habits.

Proficiency level

Close to a native speaker, you will learn to use slang and idioms.

Level 7

You will learn the common use of idioms, phrases and slang, and to read newspapers and books in Chinese.

Level 8

Keep up with native speakers when discussing news and current events and expressing views and opinions on them.

Course Details

  • Levels offered: Beginner to Proficiency
  • Number of students: Individual tuition or private group
  • Material: Depends on your needs
  • Start day: Any day
  • Lesson time: Any time from 8:00am-9:00pm


Course rates will be higher if scheduled earlier than 8:00 am or later than 9:00pm.

If you require tuition away from the school (your home or other chosen location) there may be an additional charge for transportation. For details please contact the school.

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