Part time Certificates in Sales in Bucharest Romania 2021

A certificate is a document that individuals acquire after they have completed certain requirements. These documents show potential employers and higher education administrations that the individual has the skills and experience necessary to succeed on the job and in the classroom.

A sales position involves the give-and-take between consumers and industries as well as trade between nations. This academic field concentrates on teaching marketing and economics to understand what drives market demands and how to supply goods while strengthening the growth of a business.

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and is a cultural, financial, and industrial hub of the country. Bucharest is also the largest city in Romania, having over 3 million inhabitants. It has 34 campuses 16 of these being public universities.

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Certificate in Marketing and Sales

Institute for Business and Public Administration, Bucharest (ASEBUSS)
6 months

This program develops the abilities to use the marketing tools and selling techniques according to the realities of the company’s environment, in order to fulfill the organiza ...

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