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A certificate can be obtained by students in order to concurrently pursue a higher education and a job related to their field of study. This document signifies that the individual has completed specific requirements in education to put them ahead in their skill set.

Quality management is a field of study that investigates and assesses organizations and products to ensure a desired level of perfection. Programs are offered around the world, and students can pursue various career paths in these different locations.

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a federal constitutional republic in North America. Working may require a work visa, which is difficult to get if you just want to freelance for a short time. Most of the government funded universities on mayor cities (state capital) have short courses on history, gastronomy and cultural subjects, most of them are almost free.

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Tecnológico de Monterrey (Educación Continua Presencial)

The objective of this program is to learn the phases of the six sigma methodology in theoretical and practical form and the application of them through a training project ... [+]


Learn the phases of the six sigma methodology in theoretical and practical form and the application of them through a training project.

Benefits of the program

• You will improve customer satisfaction, reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

You will improve the capacity and production.You will reduce total defects.You will increase the reliability of the product.You will decrease the reprocessing.You will improve the process flow.You will reduce costs by 50% or more.You will reduce the chain of waste.You will allow a better understanding of the client's requirements.You will improve quality performance and deliveries.You will provide the critical inputs of the process necessary to respond to the changing requirements of the client.You will develop robust processes and products.You will handle quick improvements with internal resources.Addressed to... [-]
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