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Marketing Studies

A certificate is awarded to students who have received a certain type of education or who have passed tests required to obtain it. With this academic document, individuals are given opportunities to achieve higher education or a job related to the skills they learned.

Courses in marketing and communication give up-to-date training in the latest marketing channels such as digital media. There are a variety of programs that deliver courses in formats ranging from the traditional classroom setting to online distance learning.


Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a unitary constitutional republic comprising thirty-two departments.

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Marketing Direction

ADEN Bogotá
Campus Full time 130 hours January 2019 Colombia Bogotá

CREATING differentiated value propositions and highly competitive [+]



Assess changes in the environment, the consumer and technology and its impact on company strategy. Structuring proposals designed from the customer value, segmented and tailored to the current demands, either in local and international markets. Digital tools to integrate different marketing processes. Develop a systemic approach that allows linking processes, activities and tools. Build and maintain customer relationships based on recognition of unmet opportunities, development of appropriate channels and using metrics to measure the degree of satisfaction. Experientialize processes using simulations for understanding reality widely. Recognizing the impact of new marketing tools in creating and sustaining lasting relationships. ... [-]