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Certificate programs tend to be shorter than other graduate degree programs. They can often be completed in less than a year if the participant is able to attend on a full-time basis. In some cases schools may allow students to earn and apply credits as needed for future career goals.

What is a certificate in legal English, and why would a student pursue this certificate? These programs often immerse students in a holistic language study involving specific grammar and vocabulary used in a legal setting. A program may take the entire year for completion and may require students to commit to a full-time program. Students may have the option to choose foundational legal English principles or more in-depth legal English skills.

Students from many backgrounds may enjoy the improved ability to speak and write in English. They can develop the skills to communicate fluently in legal settings, as well as in their academic and recreational pursuits. Some programs may also expose students to advanced cultural studies.

Programs in legal English are found throughout many countries and often accept international students with a variety of goals. Participation costs vary from place to place, so it is necessary for prospective students to contact schools directly for accurate information.

Graduates from these programs may have the opportunity to work as legal professionals in a number of English-speaking countries. They may also have access to careers with firms in a wide range of industries that do business internationally. The ability to develop legal communications fluently in English can also open doors to better career positions in the world of international law. Using skills obtained from the program, such as expressing opinions, participating in legal meetings, and reviewing legal documents, graduates may find that they have access to better-paying positions within industries outside of the legal field.

These programs may not be available at every educational institution. To find a school offering this certificate, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Boston University School of Law

BU Law's Legal English Certificate Program provides foreign-educated lawyers with advanced training in legal English. ... [+]

Learning legal English and American legal concepts

The Legal English Certificate Program devotes a full year to improving students’ legal English skills and providing an important foundation in core American legal concepts. BU Law’s Legal English Certificate Program (or ‘LECP’) is a program jointly developed with BU’s Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP).

The program is a 25-credit, full-time residential experience where students follow a set curriculum that provides intensive instruction in legal English communication skills, as well as a graduated and foundational exposure to American legal culture, vocabulary, concepts and legal academic skills.... [-]

USA Boston
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