Top Certificate Programs in Global Management

In addition to students pursuing advanced degrees, many professionals also enjoy access to certificate programs. These programs often take between one and three years of study. Participants often receive in-depth training in very focused areas of specialization. In some cases, the programs provide ways for students to directly apply the skills being learned.

What is a certificate in global management? This program presents students with exposure to and discussions about the geopolitical landscape and international business practices. Participants in the program may develop and practice problem solving skills, managerial techniques, and a deeper understanding of many world cultures. Coursework may involve topics such as international trade, business leadership, and investment. Some certificate programs may require some time spent abroad in an internship.

Students in this program may have many opportunities to incorporate their skills in real life settings, deepening their understanding of the principles they are being taught. The techniques and practices developed during the course of the program may transfer from one industry to another. Graduates from the program may appreciate opportunities for advancement.

Jobs in the field of global management are naturally found worldwide. In response to this need, students are seeking opportunities to study. The costs associated with participation in this program vary between each of the schools. For accurate information, you’ll want to work directly with each school.

After completion of the program, graduates may have access to many different fields in management positions. Graduates may find positions as business analysts, logistics managers, or marketing coordinators. Some participants may use their certificate to prepare for entrepreneurial ventures, or they may use the certification to gain access to career advancement. Some of the industries where graduates from this program may be found include finance, advertising, retail, and international trade.

If you are interested gaining access to a career in global management, you may want to find programs that meet certain requirements. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Zurich Institute of Business Education

A Certificate or Diploma Program from CEIBS will do more than propel your career. It is a transformational experience. It equips you with the necessary skills and knowled ... [+]

Our Certificate and Diploma Programs offer compact learning in a specialist field. Improve your professional prospects and undergo a personal transformation. A Certificate and/or Diploma will open the door to your further management training, for example, with our CEIBS Global Executive MBA program.For a "Certificate in Management" you have a choice of three 2-day workshops from our short programs.

Start: rolling, any time Duration: 6 days Price: CHF 7'500

For "Advance Management Program" you have to take four 3-days modules at CEIBS in Zurich.

Start: October 2018 Duration: 12 days Price: USD 18'000

Admission criteria

Adequate professional qualification. Suff... [-]
Switzerland Horgen
February 2020
12 - 12 days
University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce

Recent graduates from around the world will have an unparalleled experience, living and studying together at three top-ranked universities on three continents. Graduates ... [+]

M.S. in Global Commerce Three Continents. Two Master's Degrees. One Year.

Recent graduates from around the world will have an unparalleled experience, living and studying together at three top-ranked universities on three continents. Graduates will earn an M.S. in Global Commerce from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce, an M.S. in Global Strategic Management from ESADE Business School, and a certificate in International Business from Lingnan (University) College at Sun Yat-sen University.

Academics Expand Your Global Business Knowledge and Skills

The 40-credit-hour curriculum includes an integrative selection of coursework along with a master thesis that students will complete by the end of the year. In addition to receiving a strong grounding in global business frameworks, students will learn to effectively work in international settings and as members of cross-cultural teams as well as move skillfully between American, Chinese, and European business environments.... [-]

USA Charlottesville Spain Barcelona
September 2020
1 year