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Certificate programs offer students a focused course of study in a particular subject area. Unlike degree and diploma programs, which often include a variety of courses that round out a student’s education, a certificate program allows a student to study just those areas directly related to his or her career area and walk away with an education tailored to a specific concentration.

What is a certificate in fashion marketing? A certificate in fashion marketing is a program that offers dedicated study in the business, sales, communication and branding areas of the fashion industry. As the name suggests, a great deal of what you’ll learn in this program relates to marketing fashion to your target audience. Lessons in advertising, demographics, the history and current role of the fashion industry will all be covered. Students may already have a background in actual fashion design, or they may choose to pursue a joint program and will also offer an introduction into the design side of the industry.

Students typically pursue a certificate in fashion marketing because they are planning to launch their own fashion brand, or they hope to work for a fashion designer and prefer the business-side of the industry. This certificate can also be helpful for people with experience in the business world who are hoping to make a career change into fashion.

Costs for this certificate program vary depending upon location, length and depth of the program. Programs can range in length from three to 12 months, and will continue to vary should other aspects of the industry be included.

Individuals who complete these programs will pursue careers as fashion buyers, merchandisers, marketers and brand managers, as well as a variety of other jobs within the industry. Completion of this program can often offer individuals already in the industry the opportunity for career advancement. Fashion designers can use the skills learned in this program to further their personal brands and become tycoons in the industry.

This program can be pursued at a variety of international schools, including many online options. Online education is a wonderful opportunity for busy individuals to work school around their schedules. To get started with a course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Certificate of Achievement in Fashion Merchandising

Butte College
Campus Full time Part time 10 months September 2017 USA Chico + 1 more

Courses in Fashion Merchandising give students the opportunity to discover the inner workings of the fashion industry with many "hands-on" experiences. [+]

Best Certificate Programs in Fashion Marketing 2017. Certificate of Achievement in Fashion Merchandising Program Dave Cooper, Chair (530) 895-2259 Department Office: ARTS 224 (530) 895-2404 Counseling and Advising: (530) 895-2378 About the Program Courses in Fashion Merchandising give students the opportunity to discover the inner workings of the fashion industry with many "hands-on" experiences. Fashion Merchandising emphasizes the business of buying, distributing and selling of merchandise from the manufacturing level through to the retailer and, ultimately, the consumer. A highly-specialized program in Fashion Merchandising enables students to acquire marketable skills in a minimum time. A two-year program leading to the Associate Degree is available. Career Opportunities As long as fashion continues to change, lucrative careers will always be available for those who are prepared to expand their personal and professional horizons. The world of fashion merchandising is a challenging, fast-paced and highly competitive field with numerous opportunities for monetary and career advancement. Positions in the ever-expanding world of fashion are available in, but not limited to, these areas: Retail: Buyer, assistant buyer, department manager, fashion/bridal consultant, store manager, merchandise manager, salesperson, shop owner, sales representative, showroom associate, personal shopper, and management trainee. Promotion: Fashion stylist, fashion coordinator, public relations, fashion commentator, special events director, and model. Media: Fashion reporter, copy writer, fashion illustrator, fashion writer, fashion editor, publicity manager, and fashion researcher. Certificate of Achievement in Fashion Merchandising (22 Units) Student Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to: Analyze and describe the fashion industry including innovations, careers, current trends, the impact of globalization and technology, and the expanding roles of designers. Analyze, describe, and apply concepts in the business of buying, distributing and selling of fashion merchandise from the manufacturing level through to the retailer and, ultimately, the consumer. Demonstrate command of visual presentation or production, and create a resume or relevant portfolio to be used to market him/herself in the fashion industry. Required courses for the certificate: Understanding Fibers, Fabric, and Textiles Introduction To Fashion/Retail Careers Retail Fashion Buying Visual Merchandising Historic Costume Fashion Promotions Work Experience-FASH Introduction to Business Technology [-]

One Week Fashion Business Course

Conde Nast College
Campus Full time 1 - 1 week September 2017 United Kingdom London

This one-week intensive course provides a broad introduction to the business of fashion. The key characteristics of the fashion industry and the unique way fashion is marketed will be examined with reference to both physical and digital consumer experiences. [+]

The programme includes lectures, seminars, problem-solving workshops and case studies covering the following key topics: Principles of Marketing Fashion buying and distribution Global retailing and emerging markets Branding Public relations Brand communication New business development This course is suitable for anyone interested in how the fashion business works and would also be a useful taster for those considering studying fashion business in the future. [-]

Vogue Fashion Certificate

Conde Nast College
Campus Full time 10 weeks January 2017 United Kingdom London

This ten-week course has been designed to give students a uniquely intensive grounding in all aspects of the fashion [+]

Best Certificate Programs in Fashion Marketing 2017. This ten-week intensive course has been designed to give students a unique insight into the fashion industry. The course is divided into three main areas of study: The Culture and Context of Fashion, Fashion Media, and Fashion Business and Marketing. The Culture and Context of Fashion unit examines how fashion is shaped by developments in technology and the wider economic, political and cultural environment. The unit project is intended to encourage the development of written, visual and digital communication skills, as well as the ability to effectively research and analyse information. Key topics include: The evolution of fashion in the 20th Century, the fashion cycle and trend forecasting During the Fashion Media unit students analyse recent developments in digital media and assess how these impact on the magazine industry. The aim is also to increase understanding of the varied roles within a magazine, as well as the process of creating a new issue of a Condé Nast title. The project for this topic involves working in a team and developing a range of relevant skills, including: InDesign, Photoshop, ideas generation, and verbal and interpersonal communication. The Fashion Business and Marketing unit allows students to focus on an area of personal interest within the fashion industry. The unit project is to develop a business strategy, which is communicated in visual, verbal and written formats. This could be a strategy for an established fashion brand or a business plan for a new start-up. Key topics include: principles of marketing, PR, buying and merchandising, and branding. The aim is also to provide students with a range of opportunities to increase their practical experience, such as providing an opportunity to plan and styling a fashion shoot in the college photography studio. From the outset, students are encouraged and supported in producing extremely high-quality work that will help serve their professional profile and career ambitions. Throughout the course, students will also focus on their own career development. In addition to this, students will have a busy schedule of industry, museum and gallery visits plus personal study time in order to produce the highest possible standard of project work. This is a full-time course. Students will be required to attend classes for a minimum of fifteen hours of formal lectures and seminars each week. Entry Requirements Applicants will be expected to have completed the Three Stage application process (see How to Apply) and to have a good level of the English language (see the English Language Requirements section). Applicants must be 18 years or older by the start of the course. Course Sessions 10 January - 17 March 2017 25 April - 30 June 2017 3 October - 8 December 2017 Applications will be reviewed as received on a space availability basis. [-]

Short-Term Certificate Program in Fashion Management

Legacy Business School
Campus Full time 4 - 6 months May 2017 USA New York Murray Hill + 1 more

The Certificate Program in Fashion Management incorporates coursework in fashion for global markets, product development, branding and positioning, trend forecasting, and retail. [+]

Legacy Business School’s Short-Term Certificate Programs have been created especially for managers, professionals and aspiring professionals who are seeking highly focused training and a shorter time to course completion. FASHION MANAGEMENT The Certificate Program in Fashion Management incorporates coursework in fashion for global markets, product development, branding and positioning, trend forecasting, and retail. The curriculum ensures that students develop a competitive fashion business foundation. JOURNEY PROGRAM Option 1 : 6 MONTHS Term 1 (4 months) : Business Management Resource Management Communication Fashion for Global Markets Product Development and Management Branding and Positioning Term 2 (2 months) : Internship Option 2 : 4 MONTHS Term 1 ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Entrance into the Short-term Certificate Program at LEGACY requires the submission of the following documents to the Admissions Office: High School Diploma Personal Statement (500 word minimum) What to write about: Why are you the perfect fit for Legacy Business School? What is your dream legacy? What will be the first steps you will take to achieve your legacy? How will you innovate? Share any additional information you would like the admissions team to know about your experiences and accomplishments. *All non-English documents must be officially translated. English Proficiency: ** Please note that although there is no specific testing requirement for English Language proficiency for this program, the student is expected to be able to communicate in English, at a level required by the academic rigors of such a program PROGRAM TUITION AND FEES Application Fee: $75 Registration Fee: $100 Tuition: $33,890 Duration of Program: 6 Months [-]

Fashion Marketing Certification

Campus Part time 9 months October 2017 United Arab Emirates Dubai

Get the right keys to start your own fashion business [+]

Fashion Marketing Certification

Our mission is to nurture the creative spirit within our students and to foster and reward their efforts to achieve innovative outcomes. We assist them to develop their ability to produce meticulous expressions of fashion design. We stimulate their drive for excellence, their entrepreneurship and their eagerness to experiment with ‘breaking the mould’.Innovation and creativity are constant themes of our teaching and curriculum. We encourage our students and staff to communicate freely and openly and to engage in enquiry that is informed by both intellectual rigour and research of fashion industry disciplines and techniques.


Fashion Marketing Certification - Get the right keys to start your own fashion business    With immense competition and numerous emerging fashion brands, it is crucial to know the right recipe of launching a new brand.This program will enlighten you with step by step SWOT analysis, planning, implementation, execution and launch plan evaluation of your fashion business.Fashion Designers & Entrepreneurs will enjoy this dynamic course learning about modern marketing techniques delivered by top experts in the field and start their fashion business through our Esmod Fashion Designers Incubator initiative.After graduation you will be offered a FREE 3 month Fashion Design Workshop course + a FREE Esmod Fashion Designers Incubator membership + FREE coaching sessions for Fashion Startups collection development + collection sampling & production coordination with our garment manufacturing partner.Your collection will then be showcased in our Esmod Fashion Store at Wafi Mall to get your fashion business started.... [-]