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A certificate is awarded to scholars who complete a program in a specialized field of study. Part-time courses may last a bit longer to accommodate the curriculum. In many cases, the program will act as a bridge between either secondary and undergraduate programs or undergraduate and graduate programs.

What is a certificate in Arabic? A certificate in Arabic focuses on developing fluency in the language to facilitate strong communication and potential business skills. Depending on the length and pace of the program, students may start with the basics of Arabic writing and speaking before moving on to more complicated grammatical structures. More advanced programs might focus more on developing medical, legal or professional vocabularies or cultural dialects. 

After completing the program, students can open doors for a range of international, public and private sector jobs due to their ability to communicate across cultural barriers. This can lead to higher-level positions and potentially more competitive salaries.

The total expenses involved depend on your program’s financial demands, study aboard components and instructional methods. Many students minimize costs with e-textbooks and online instruction. Additionally, financial aid may be available for some programs, depending on the institution.

Once students graduate with their certificate in Arabic, many move on to study the language and related studies in undergraduate or graduate programs. However, many will enter directly into the workforce. Professionals who understand this language are in relatively high demand, so many students eventually find employment as translators for international, private and public agencies. Others use the certification to improve their business relations and networks as they can now communicate effectively with a new group of contact.

Does a certificate in Arabic sound like the right course to energize or jumpstart your career? Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Al Baher Arabic Language Training Center

Al- Baher offers two immersion courses which are offered all year round and they are not limited to our normal program calendar. ... [+]

Al- Baher offers two immersion courses which are offered all year round and they are not limited to our normal program calendar.

*Intensive Immersion: (4 - 12 Weeks)

This course focuses on immersing the students in an authentic Arabic environment for a short period of time. It is preferred by students looking at improving or maintaining their existing Arabic level or prepare for working in an Arabic speaking country

*Long-Term Immersion: (3 – 12 Months)

This course invites students to surround themselves in the language with intensive instruction. Students undergo monitoring test in addition to weekly lessons plans with clear, mutually-defined goals. Through a variety of curricula, classes ensure appropriate and relevant skills are taught: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. More focus is placed on students’ particular interests and uses of the language.... [-]

Jordan Amman
Open Enrollment
1 - 12 months