Certificate program in Character Design

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Program Description

Certificate program in Character Design

U-Tad Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital

Certificate program in Character Design

The Certificate program in Character Design at the U-tad takes on the creative process corresponding to designing characters from a narrative, story or script in a digital animation, publicity, videogame or TV series production.

Specialists in character design capable of representing artistic ideas through design, construction and form will be the result of the Certificate program in Character Design. The aim of the program is to learn the techniques that allow seduction, entertainment, narration and expression through the art of drawing, color, body language, psychology and volume. The knowledge acquired, starting with traditional techniques and reaching the latest cutting-edge software, is the tool of the trade in any professional entertainment industry audiovisual communication environment: Film, television, publicity, videogames or illustration.

Student profile

The U-tad's Certificate program in Character Design is especially geared towards:

  • People with creative interests that want to broaden their knowledge of drawing applied to the entertainment and audiovisual communication industries
  • University students or graduates, especially from Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Audiovisual communication design or other related areas related to producing graphic materials: 3D modelers, animators, illustrators or publicists among others
  • Professionals from the animation sector that want to broaden their knowledge and continue learning and applying knowledge alongside highly accomplished active professionals from the industry using the latest cutting-edge technology
  • People with creative tendencies, a natural talent for drawing and an interest in improving and specializing and want to study a Master's Degree while working

Course Content

Drawing and characters

Theory and practice of traditional academic drawing and its application to human anatomy to understand how to create a character. Understanding of the anatomical form and structure of the human figure, its movement, expressions, attitude and how to simplify a character to the essential limits.

Concept and Development

Understanding character creation not only as drawing or concept, bus as part of a creative process whose origin is considering and knowing certain codes: specific character situations, psychology, light sources, color, details, audiovisual narrative, script and the design document.

Digital Sculpture and Volume

Understand basic three-dimensional shapes for creating and refining figures. Learn digital modeling and sculpture techniques as well as their practical applications in character design.

Character design and the industry

Applying the acquired knowledge to Industry parameters: Feature films and series, publicity, videogames, web content, comics, merchandising and licensing. Real-world key project management skills: organization, direction, planning and delivery.

Master's final Project

Preparing a professional portfolio and presenting it to industry professionals.

Specialization and application fields

After finishing the U-tad's Certificate program in Character Design, students will be qualified to work under different professional profiles:

  • Character designer
  • Visual development artist
  • Storyboard artist
  • Illustrator
  • Comic book artist

Facilities and equipment

The U-tad classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, both hardware and software, that companies use day-in day-out to carry out their activities. The Certificate program in Character Design classes at the U-tad use the most innovative programs and technology so students can develop all of their budding potential.

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Last updated September 22, 2017
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Start date
Sept. 2017
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Spain - Madrid
Start date: Sept. 2017
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Sept. 2017
Spain - Madrid
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