Certificate in Professional Italian Pastries

Culinary Institute Kul IN

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Certificate in Professional Italian Pastries

Culinary Institute Kul IN

Certificate: Professional Italian Pastries Program

Culinary Institute Kul INand partner school ALMA la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana are offering a new international joint program for students interested in specializing professionally in Italian pastries.

This 7-month programaims to produce fully trained professional confectioners who are specialized in the art of Italian pastries. The unique curriculum gives students the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills, which they’ve gained through intensive courses at Kul IN and ALMA, by interning at elite Italian restaurants, hotels, and pasticcerias. Interning abroad gives students the invaluable opportunity to network internationally and connect with some of the most successful pastry chefs in Italy and the world.


As a student of Italian confections, you will be completely submerged in Italian culture, learning to speak and understand the language, while perfecting your skills in Italian desserts. You will study under the leadership of some of the best Italian confectioners in a fast-paced and dynamic international setting.

You will learn to prepare: Italian desserts for ceremonies and anniversaries, modern banquet cakes, mignon pastries, all kinds of chocolate products and methods for processing chocolate, pralines, pulled and blown sugar with a special focus on dragee, marzipan confections, and savory baked goods for catering and buffet.

1. Training in Sisak

This intensive program begins with 8 weeks of basic training in Sisak, where we will cover the foundations of pastry making as well as advanced confectionery techniques. The curriculum in Sisak was designed by our director of education Zdravko Perić, a top Croatian chef with many years of international culinary experience. The program includes training in international confections, menu design, contemporary cuisine, and dining services in this sweet branch of gastronomy. Of course, you will also study Italian language, culture, and confectionary terminology to prepare for the next two months of training in Colorno.

Other information about your training in Sisak:

  • Lesson Schedule: 8 hours/day, Monday through Friday
  • Language: Croatian and/or English
  • Learning and Reading Materials: provided by Kul IN (in English)
  • Uniforms: provided by Kul IN

2. Training in Colorno

Your education continues at our partner school ALMA in Colorno, Italy. The school’s ALMA Method of training will add a new dimension to your skill development in the kitchen. The program provides a dynamic international environment where students from all over the world study together (in English) and succeed in developing their culinary techniques.

With professionally equipped classrooms and confectionary laboratories, and industrially equipped kitchens located in Palazzo Ducale, ALMA and its professor-chefs will intrigue you with their knowledge and train you to become truly competent in the confectionary industry.

Field trips to local confectionary production centers will give you a look into the processing, shaping, and commercial distribution of all that good stuff our sweet tooth craves when we enter a confectionary or grocery store.

Upon completion of the two-month program in Colorno, and before you head off to your internship, the faculty at ALMA will evaluate your progress to find you a good match for interning.

Other information about studying at ALMA:

  • Lesson Schedule: 8 hours per day, Monday to Friday, sometimes Saturday
  • Class size from 12 to 20 students
  • Language: English
  • Reading and Learning materials: provided by ALMA
  • Uniforms: provided by ALMA

3. Internship

At the end of your formal education, you will continue to perfect your newly acquired skills during a 3-month internship in a renowned confectionary laboratory, Italian pasticceria or the dessert department of a restaurant or hotel. This internship will be intensive, exciting, and will give you insight and experience working in your field of interest. This is your chance to apply all of your newly acquired skills to a real-world situation and experience work in a fast-paced environment under the pressure of professional chefs and specialized personnel.

Through individual attention, mentoring, and careful scrutiny of the skills and talents of each student, ALMA’s team of professor-chefs will decide which hotel, restaurant, or pasticceria (and in which region) each student will intern. ALMA will continue to provide support and assistance to students throughout the internship, and accommodation and food will be provided by the host restaurant.
Upon successful completion of coursework, internship, and final exams, Kul IN and ALMA both will award the student with a certificate as aProfessional Pastry Chef of Italian Desserts.

Program length: 7 months

Program cost per student: 14000 Euros (VAT included)

Tuition includes:

    <li>All training and materials for the program Professional Italian Pastries</li> <li>Housing in Sisak and Colorno</li> <li>Lunch on school days in Sisak and Colorno</li> <li>Food and board (provided by host restaurant) and assistance during internship</li> <li>Transportation for field trips</li>

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