Certificate in Organizational Design


Program Description

Agile structures and new forms of collaboration

This 3-day program approaches the topic “agility” both from a theoretical and practical perspective. Faculty from WU Executive Academy and experts from different industries share their insights into how to build an agile organization both from a scientific and practical point of view.

The program starts with an online learning journey on agile leadership, covering the topics “Why Going Agile?”, “The Agile Mindset”, “Designing Agile Organizations”, and “Implementing Agility”.

The face-to-face modules build upon this online learning journey, delve further into the content, add cross-industry references, and offer a practical approach on how to implement the theory into the individual business situation.

In this program, you will…

  • learn about different approaches to designing an organization in times of disruptive change
  • learn how organizations can be structured more agile
  • learn where agility does make sense and where it does not
  • learn where to start in your own organization
  • get to know agile tools and working methods and learn how to use them
  • work on best practice examples and use cases from different industries
  • learn about the coherence of digitalization and agility

This program will empower you to adapt your organization to current challenges by utilizing agile techniques.


  • Pre Work: Online Course "Agile Leadership" (Start after registration for the program)
  • Theoretical Fundamentals: Agile Structures in Organizations
    March 10, 2020 (Prof. Patricia Klarner)
  • Phenomena of Digital Economics
    March 11, 2020 (Martin Giesswein)
  • Agile Methods and Tools
    March 12, 2020 (Philipp Philippen)

Target group

This program brings together participants from different industries who would like to get a thorough understanding of how, why, and when it makes sense to make an organization more agile.


  • are a business or team leader, innovator, progressive thinker, and you are curious as well as open-minded.
  • are interested in new forms of collaboration and in shaping organizational structures.
  • would like to understand the potential of agility and get an overview of new ways of working in different work areas.


The online course „Agile Leadership“ starts after registration for the program

  • Overview on the topic “Agile Organizations”
  • Current influencing factors on companies and it’s consequences
  • How “agile” ist linked to adjacent disciplines such as change management, leadership and organizational design
  • Excercises to establish an agile mindset

Day 1: Theoretical fundamentals: Agile Structures in Organizations

  • Principles of agile structures
  • Analyze different approaches of structural agility
  • Learn how to align agile structural elements with existing organizational structures

Day 2: Phenomena of Digital Economics

  • Digital economy and business administration
  • Become familiar with different implementation methods and learn how to apply them
  • Three levels of digitalization
  • Eleven most successful digital business modells

Day 3: Agile Methods and Tools

  • Get an overview of popular agile frameworks and related tools
  • Learn how to apply agile tools Design Thinking, Google Sprint, Lean Startup, Scrum

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