Certificate in Marketing and Sales


Program Description

An intensive 6-month program designed primarily for managers and specialists in marketing and sales who aim at managing more efficiently the relationships with the customers and increasing the effectiveness of the marketing policies and selling process. This program develops the abilities to use the marketing tools and selling techniques according to the realities of the company’s environment, in order to fulfill the organizational objectives.

The program emphasizes the effective relationship between the marketing and selling functions within the company. Due to the knowledge and skills aquired during the program, the participants bring their contribution to generating higher profits for the organization by attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of present customers.

Time Frame

Courses: November – April
Preparation of exam and final paper: April - May

The program is organized once a week, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is a demanding program. In addition to the class sessions, participants spend a good amount of time on individual and study group work.

Topics Covered

a. Marketing

- Consumer and organizational buyer behavior
- Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
- Marketing strategies in consumer markets versus business markets
- Marketing mix. The product, price, distribution and communication strategies
- Marketing plan
- Marketing research design
- Qualitative and quantitative research techniques
- Choosing appropriate research methods
- Drawing-up and evaluating research reports

b. Sales

- Becoming a professional in selling
- Prospecting methods
- Communication for successful selling
- Making effective sales presentations
- Handling prospects objections
- Closing the sale
- Customer relationship management

Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

The Institute for Business and Public Administration from Bucharest (ASEBUSS) was founded in 1993 through a program financed by USAID – The US Agency of International Development (1993-1995). The Roma ... Read More

The Institute for Business and Public Administration from Bucharest (ASEBUSS) was founded in 1993 through a program financed by USAID – The US Agency of International Development (1993-1995). The Romanian-American School of Business, part of the Institute, has been organizing since 1993 The Executive MBA Program (EMBA) – the only American EMBA on the Romanian market in partnership with prestigious US universities. The academic alliance created by ASEBUSS and Kennesaw State University leverages the strengths of each program to the benefit of both students and faculty. Participation in this jointly designed academic experience prepares our students for a leadership role in tomorrow's business organization. Participants learn to manage the cultural, linguistic, technological and geographical boundaries by working within international teams of students to complete a variety of assignments and projects. The opportunity to learn from each other and from their respective employer organizations provides the first-hand experience that cannot be found in other EMBA programs. Currently, ASEBUSS is a private, independent institution, authorized and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research to organize postgraduate academic programs. ASEBUSS activity is oriented in two main areas: the Romanian-American Executive MBA and the Continuous Education Department with programs in business and public administration. The Executive MBA of the Romanian- American School of Business is a postgraduate program for managers from private or state-owned companies, Romanian or multinationals, public utility companies, addressed to all successful executives who have to take important decisions, with increased impact on the business environment in Romania. The main objective of the school is to better prepare experienced managers in decision making, to provide them the basic knowledge and tools for dealing with the challenges of the transition to the market economy and to educate them to become international managers in a global market. Read less