The Certificate in Latin American Studies is available for students taking five courses + PEAL, PALAS o SPAN 490.

Thirty percent of our students already take five courses and the Certificate aims to distinguish students willing to transform the semester abroad into an academic experience of excellence.

Students can choose from four Certificate programs: Economics

Cultural Studies Linguistics Latin American Studies

Each program consists of four area specific courses and one optional course from any of the other Certificate programs.

Students are required to submit a 10-15 page research paper in English (PALAS) or Spanish (PEAL) to get the certificate and must register in week 4 or 5 for one of the following:

  • (PALAS 490) Directed Research
  • (PEAL 490) Asesoramiento de tesinas
These 490 modules guide students through the research and writing-up process and include five tutorials (45 minute session) with a tutor-professor. There is an additional fee of

US$ 500 for the 490 module.

This requirement can be completed up to six months after the semester has ended, and students can renew their time extension for another six months if necessary.

1. Economics and Business program

Advisory Committee: Dr. Luis Argüero and Dr.Carola Ramón Berjano

Economics Component (mandatory choosing 4)

  • (PALAS 310) Argentine Economy
  • (PALAS 330) Social Economy in LatAm
  • (PALAS 332) Economic Integration in LatAm
  • (PALAS 400) LatAm in Global Economy
  • (PALAS 333) Business in the Southern Cone
  • (PEAL 369) Historia económica en Latinoamérica
  • (PEAL 372) Política económica argentina
2. Cultural Studies program

Advisory Committee: Dr. Liria Evangelista and Dr. Maria Veronica Perera

History component (choose 1 or 2)

  • (PALAS 340) History of LA
  • (PALAS 342) Race and Nation in Argentina
  • (PEAL 312) Historia latinoamericana siglo XX
  • (PALAS 360) Political and Social Change
  • (PALAS 366) U.S.–Latin America Relations

Literature component (choose 1 or 2)

  • (PEAL 321) Literatura latinoamericana
  • (PEAL 322) Literatura argentina
  • (PEAL 420) Estudios de género en LatAm
  • (PALAS 420) Jorge Luis Borges
  • (PALAS 443) Tango: Gender, Nation & Identity
Cultural studies component (choose 1 or 2)
  • (PEAL 262) Estudios culturales latinoamericanos
  • (PEAL 264) Cine latinoamericano
  • (PEAL 302) Arte argentino
  • (PEAL 454) Sociedades latinoamericanas
  • (PALAS 362) Latin American Cultures and Civilizations
  • (PEAL 330) Estudios culturales argentinos
  • (PALAS 360) Political and Social Change
3. Linguistics program

Advisory Committee: Mag Maria Eugenia Destefanis and Ma Alejandro Parini

  • (SPAN 220/225) Advanced A or Advanced B
  • (SPAN 226) Advanced Oral Production
  • (SPAN 317) Advanced Writing Skills
  • (SPAN 320) Sociolinguistics in Spanish

One or two Peal courses

  • (SPAN 499) Practice in teaching Spanish as a second language
4. Latin American Studies program

Advisory Committee: Dr. Veronica Muñoz and Patricia Anderson MA

A Certificate in Latin American studies will be issued to students who combine modules from different programs. Students interested in this option should write a letter to Dr. Claudia Soria justifying their choice of subjects to be approved.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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