The W.A.S. ESL program consists of six (6) general English courses which serve as the foundational skills students need to be successful in communicating English. This program combines six classroom-based courses to complete the W.A.S. ESL Certificate. Students will be assessed on their current language skills in order to be placed in the correct W.A.S. ESL course.

W.A.S. English Program Schedule

Weekly: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Class Hours: 18 hours per week in class + 10 homework hours per week Students are encouraged to spend their free time experiencing all that Whistler and the surrounding areas have to offer- concerts, festivals, nightlife, hiking, biking and skiing are all great opportunities to practice English skills with friends from around the world! Tuition Cost: $540 per course ​

Online Test. Students may be subject to re-testing upon arrival. A copy of your results must be submitted with your application. Grammar & Vocabulary level online test


Write and punctuate simple and compound sentences using appropriate past and present tenses. Demonstrate increased use of basic English vocabulary. Comprehend stories and articles written at basic English level. Utilize listening/speaking skills to communicate in daily activities. Demonstrate Improve pronunciation, including sounds, rhythm, and intonation.


Distinguish between parts of speech. Comprehend short stories and academic articles written at high basic level. Write simple paragraphs organized around a single topic. Demonstrate ability to use listening/speaking skills to communicate and clarify in classroom and daily life activities at a high basic level.


Write, verbalize, and edit sentences and questions in affirmative and negative forms using appropriate tenses. Use sentences with modal verbs and related expressions. Organize and develop paragraphs. Write simple and compound sentences that are grammatically correct. Increase ability to use precise, clear, and vivid vocabulary in writing. Read and comprehend quickly and accurately a variety of low intermediate material. Recognize and demonstrate ability to use syllable stress, sentence stress, and focal stress. Present information orally. Demonstrate the ability to write and speak sentences and questions in affirmative and negative forms using intermediate level grammar.


Apply use of common verbs followed by gerunds or infinitive complements. Apply use sentences with adverbial clauses. Demonstrate Improved comprehension skills with readings at an intermediate level. Demonstrate Increased knowledge of English vocabulary. Apply punctuation to writing. Demonstrate and write well-formed paragraphs using appropriate intermediate level grammar and sentence structures. Apply and use listening/speaking skills to participate in and initiate intermediate level conversations and academic discussion.


Demonstrate writing skills and use correctly in speaking all present, past, and future verb tenses. Demonstrate simple, compound, and some complex sentences. Refine paragraph organization in a variety of rhetorical styles. Comprehend a process to generate, write, and edit assignments. Improve mechanics of capitalization and punctuation. Comprehend texts at a high-intermediate level. Demonstrate ability to carry on conversations on a variety of topics with occasional hesitations. Demonstrate the use of listening/speaking skills to participate in a simple academic setting.


Generate complex sentences. Approach idiomatic language usage. Comprehend texts at a pre-college level. Employ reading skills to evaluate, analyze, paraphrase, and summarize texts. Demonstrate and use internet and the library to find information. Compose well-organized, clearly focused, well-developed essays. Demonstrate simple, complex, and compound sentences in writing. Demonstrate self-editing skills (regularly). Demonstrate and use listening/speaking skills to function in an interactive academic setting with minimal comprehension problems.

**In order to be placed into any W.A.S ESL course all students will be required to take our free online English assessment. Students wishing to join any one year study and work visa applicable program must achieve the following English level: TOEFL/IELTS- General 4.5, Cambridge Test, W.A.S B1 minimum, or equivalent. Students who do not meet the W.A.S English entry requirements can be accepted into a visa applicable program subject to additional ESL education; W.A.S will recommend between 4-12 additional weeks of ESL based on the students online assessment score.

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