Online Certificate Program in Data Governance


Program Description

Learn how to create value through data governance

Data governance is about the convergence of data quality, data management, data policies, business process management, and risk management around the handling of data within an organization. Data governance can create great value for the entire organization as it generates more transparency, availability, and security in the decision-making process. To achieve this it is crucial to understand how the vast amounts of data available can be stored, managed, and protected properly.

In the program, you will focus on data governance and its importance in an organization, both from a theoretical and a practical perspective. You will gain insight into the role of data security, understand the threats and opportunities, and learn to protect data in the most effective way.

Practical-relevant content

Through real-life cases you will learn about effective strategies to organize data and implement suitable solutions. You will explore current trends and developments such as metadata and semantic data management from an enterprise perspective.

After having successfully completed the program, you will be able to assess the quality of data and be aware of any benefits and challenges. Understanding the strategic potential of data governance, you will be ready to apply a data governance framework and use data governance processes as a way to drive sustainable value for your company. Moreover, this program is also a solid base for any further education in digital transformation topics.

Target group

Participants come from a wide range of areas and industries including:

  • Marketing, Consulting, Supply Chain Management, IT, Health Care, Finance
  • Top or mid-level managers, both from technical and non-technical areas
  • Managers who deal with data and/or analytics
  • Managers of data-driven projects, business analysts
  • IT executives and IT architects
  • CIOs, chief data officers, data scientists
  • Everyone who wants to learn and understand the importance of data governance and how to manage and organize data

Participants should have at least 3 years of working experience and a good command of English (as this is the language of instruction).


Module 1: Foundations of Data Governance | 1.5 days

  • Drivers of Data Governance
  • Data as an Asset
  • Data Governance and Data Management
  • Data Quality and Risk
  • Data Governance Organization and Structures
  • Data Governance Frameworks
  • Data Governance Implementation

Module 2: Foundations of Data Security | 1.5 days

  • Introduction: Creating Awareness through Examples of Real-Life Security Incidents
  • Types of (Cyber) Attacks (e.g. Social Engineering, Phishing, Denial of Service, Web-Based Attacks)
  • Protection of Confidential Information
  • Basic Concepts of Cryptographic Methods and Applications
  • Basic Concepts of Access Control

Module 3: Data Governance from the Viewpoint of Public Administration | 0.5 days

  • Data Strategy – including Showcase: Data Excellence Strategy of the City of Vienna
  • Organizational and Technical Implementation
  • Data Governance Organization
  • Data Governance Framework
  • Data Governance Maturity Model
  • Benefits and Challenges

Module 4: Trends in Data Governance: Enterprise Perspective | 0.5 days

  • Data Governance in Enterprises
  • Challenges in Enterprise Data Management
  • Importance of Data Quality Management
  • Introduction to Metadata Management
  • What is Semantic Data Management?
  • What is a Knowledge Graph?
  • Applications and Use Cases based on Semantic AI

Last updated May 2020

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