CEWECM-IMBA, is the Centre of Excellence in Wine Education and Cellar Management of the International Montreal Butler Academy.

Exclusive to IMBA and created by Richard Sagala, this world class butler wine training and cellar management program is a unique and distinctive feature of the IMBA.

In addition to their butler diploma, and after having having passed the WSET exams, students will be awarded the Level two and Level three Advanced Certificate from the world leading UK-based Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET*).

Once the WSET training is completed, the students will learn to master the Alfred Sommelier cellar management software, a professional tool especially adapted to the high standards of the IMBA academy and their clients. Whether for investment purposes or simply for pleasure, the acquired cellar management techniques will suit all the needs of any future IMBA alumni employer.

Our world class wine curriculum, taught in parallel with the other essential butlering techniques will span the entire (thirteen weeks) duration of the IMBA session; the wine program will be complemented by the study and the tasting of first growths and iconic wines such as: Lafite, Latour, Yquem etc., old vintages and rare grapes varieties.

Nowadays, it is expected that a butler will have an understanding of the fine wines, older vintages and special grape varieties that are found in curated wine cellars.

IMBA butlers will learn how to condition these special wines, will serve them with elegance and will be trained to plan functions and special events, work with chefs in creating menus for all occasions and suggesting appropriate wine and food pairings.

The CEWECM-IMBA wine focused butler program distinguishes the IMBA from all the other butler schools and will add tremendous value to the IMBA diploma. For a serious prospective student of the art of butling, coming to Montreal on that basis alone is justified.

*In the wine world, WSET certifications are the gold standard and are recognized worldwide


General information about the International Montreal Butler Academy (IMBA)

Winter of 2018, a thirteen-week training session will start from mid January until mid April.

The session will last thirteen weeks total (with eight weeks in Montreal) beginning on January 13th 2018, and ending on the 14th of April.

The thirteen weeks of the program will be divided into two parts:

  • the first five week-long segment will involve an online course focusing on the study of wines and spirits, and will be carried out as of January 13th from the student's place of residence. During these five weeks, the student will also have to undertake a first reading of the reference material that will be the subject of the classroom courses starting on February 18th.
  • the second eight week-long segment will take place in the classroom in Montreal, starting February 18th. It will involve the acquisition of skills related to butler work and will be enriched by a deepening knowledge about wine, beverages and spirits. Graduation will be held on the 14th of April.

Class size: a group of students comprising twelve to fifteen candidates will participate in the eight weeks of training in Montreal.

Overall cost of the IMBA program:

The cost of the Butler Diploma Program leading to graduation as a:

Certified Butler of the International Montreal Butler Academy, including the

WSET Level 2 and WSET Level 3 Certificates, is:

Sixteen thousand US dollars (US $ 16,000).

This includes all fees and costs, including registration, as well as:

  • a complete butler uniform and a tunic to attend classes and for practical work,
  • WSET program costs, educational materials, all wines and accessories (gloves, etc.),
  • accommodation and full board for the eight weeks in Montreal including planned outings and trips.

The only other expenses incurred by the students will be their transportation costs to come to Montreal and their accommodation expenses if they arrive before October 1st.


Upon acceptance of a student's application, a deposit of US $ 1,000 will be requested and the balance of the program costs (US $ 15,000) must reach us no later than forty-five days before the beginning of the session. The deposit is not refundable for any reason but may be deferred to another course if the student becomes ill or if a personal situation prevents him/her from starting on the date initially agreed.

If you would like more information about tuition fees, please contact us by e-mail and we will be pleased to send you our policy on this matter. Otherwise, we assume that you have read the foregoing and fully understand the terms of this paragraph.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer them.

We also invite you to view the videos about the IMBA training offer and topics related to the butler profession on our YouTube channel.

NB: The above conditions are subject to change without notice. IMBA reserves the right to accept or reject applications.

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  • English
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