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CampusCanada offers intensive and immersive programming designed to respond to the unique challenges that face incoming international students. These challenges often involve the familiarization and navigation of campus and academic life at a new university or college, while at the same time, adapting to life in a new city, and indeed, a new country.

While CampusCanada is housed at Carleton University and staged throughout the National Capital Region, the program provides new international students, regardless of the Canadian university or college they are attending, with skills and relevant information to help them successfully familiarize themselves with their new settings and begin their academic career and experience abroad on surer footing.

CampusCanada offers additional programming to help lift some of these barriers; this programming involves an intensive online introduction and an immersive summertime orientation based on campus and throughout the National Capital Region. We call these two core components: Canada101 and Campus101.


Canada101 is the introductory online companion to Campus101. It is offered earlier in the summer prior to the on-campus portion. Canada101 has three main objectives supporting the desired outcome described above:

  1. to gain a broad but informed understanding of Canada, particularly in terms of Canadian cultures and cultural traditions, societies and social values, geographies and climate, and legal, political, and economic structures;
  2. to familiarize and/or introduce students to the themes, objectives, and programming they experience over their immersive orientation;
  3. to have students engage with the program and the instructor, and to put students in contact with one another so they can interact and begin developing relationships prior to their participation in Campus101


Campus101 is the intensive and immersive orientation program of CampusCanada. Building from Canada101, Campus101 is guided by four main objectives:

  1. familiarization with the university and college environment. This involves understanding and navigating the campus infrastructure; locating and identifying the various services, spaces, amenities common to Canadian universities;
  2. to gain exposure to, and engage with various university services and resources (e.g. International Student Centres, Writing Tutorial Services, Academic Skills, Library Research Skills). Here students gain a greater awareness of the support and services available to them so they may facilitate a more seamless transition into their university environment and academic. In this second objective, students are provided with introductory academic skills training;
  3. to explore the National Capital Region and gain first-hand exposure to some of the themes considered in Canada101. A further objective here is to familiarize students with municipal infrastructure and services common to Canadian cities (e.g. public transportation, city hall, licensing bureaus, public libraries, and other services);
  4. as much of the programming involved collaboration through participation in fun and interactive team-building activities, students have an opportunity to form strong friendships and networks that will extend into their university experiences and beyond.
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About the School

CampusCanada provides incoming international students with an introduction to Canada and the foundation for academic success at a Canadian university or college. This integrated online and on-campus ... Read More

CampusCanada provides incoming international students with an introduction to Canada and the foundation for academic success at a Canadian university or college. This integrated online and on-campus course program provides an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on understanding Canadian culture and society, adapting to a new environment, and developing skills that lead to academic success. Read less
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