CIPD Advanced Level 7 Award in Organisational Design and Development – fast-track programme


Program Description

An intensive, fast-track qualification programme

By providing both a theoretical understanding of organisation development and design issues, together with practical knowledge and skills, the qualification will help you gain the competence and confidence to deliver immediate, tangible results to your organisation. Plus, you’ll only need to attend face-to-face workshops over five days. The remaining assessment requirement and coaching can be completed in your own time.

Who is it for

This qualification is relevant to senior HR professionals, learning and development specialists, internal and external HR consultants, and OD specialists who work with HR. Typically you will have a degree-level qualification and/or relevant work experience.

This one-week, intensive learning programme is particularly suited to people management and development professionals from countries outside the UK and those who wish to complete a postgraduate qualification in a shorter time period. You only need to attend one week of face-to-face workshops. The remaining assessment requirement and coaching can be completed in your own time.


On completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • understand the theoretical basis of organisation design and development and apply a context in terms of value and contribution to organisational life
  • identify and utilise available design options regarding organisational structures and relationships
  • put in place processes and systems that are necessary to maintain structures and relationships, and evaluation of same
  • utilise methods and procedures of organisation development and review their strategic impact
  • support change management through the application of organisation development strategies
  • exhibit an understanding of organisational culture, norms and behaviours
  • recognise the importance of the HR role in advising on thesedesign and development choices and be able to support their implementation.


Organisation Development for HR Leaders (two-day face-to-face workshop)

There’s an increasing need for organisations to respond and adapt to globalisation; as well as technology, virtual working and competition, with an emphasis on more flexible working practices, partnerships and networks. The Organisation Development for HR Leaders workshop gives you an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to use OD interventions to diagnose, plan, change and develop your organisation for sustainable performance. By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand the relationship between strategic HR, HR business partners and OD practitioners, and the value each contributes to your organisation.

The interactive group discussions and exercises will help you to assess your own organisation’s implementation of strategic HR and OD. You’ll also recognise, and influence, underlying dynamics and strategic decisions and activities, and respond to chaotic and complex situations.

The Organisation Development for HR Leaders workshop will cover the following:

  • HR strategy, HR business partner and OD
  • organisational models as a roadmap to diagnosis and interventions
  • exploring the systemic balancing of the various organisational elements
  • working to ensure interventions impact the root causes
  • The Consequence Model ™, Interventions ‘toolkit’
  • building your capacity – becoming a compelling leader and practitioner
  • application - simulating the world of work.

Organisation Design (two-day face-to-face workshop)

Advancing technologies, cost pressures, changing customer requirements and different employee expectations are some of the things organisations have to grapple with as they re-organise to meet competitor and market challenges. If you’re faced with the challenge of re-organising, restructuring, or changing other aspects of your organisation, the Organisation Design workshop gives you straightforward frameworks and practical tools to design an effective organisational infrastructure.

The programme starts with assessing the work that needs to be done to meet the business purpose and then shows you how to design optimal structures. Consideration is given to the factors that are impacting organisation designs and business models including: behavioural economics, social media, community building as we move to mobile, remote, and virtual working, trends in office space design aimed at both saving on real estate and energy costs and improving worker health, productivity, and morale, and the acceleration of new types of technology and the potential this has for disrupting the way we do things in organisations.

You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to tackle organisation design projects, sequence and approach the design effectively and use various tools and techniques to make good organisation design decisions. Through action planning, case studies and group discussions, you’ll gain the ability to control the consequences and risks of design changes; and you’ll recognise and address design project blockers and challenges.

The Organisation Design workshop will cover the following:

  • choosing an organisation design model and approach
  • making the case for organisation design
  • relating structural choices to business strategy
  • sequencing the work
  • agreeing the programme governance
  • deciding the role of HR in organisation design
  • surfacing the risks in the organisation design project
  • involving leaders and other stakeholders
  • measuring progress during and after the design work.

Organisational Culture, ROI and OD Clinic (one-day face-to-face workshop)

Group interactive discussion:

  • ROI in terms of Change Management
  • if organisational performance is the accountability of senior leadership, how should they orientate around organisational development?

Organisational culture:

  • experiential Exercise
  • considering the culture of your own organisation.

OD and organisation design clinic:

  • whole group consultancy experience
  • small group skills practice.

Gaining and understanding of the qualification:

  • familiarise ourselves with the VLE
  • critical thinking
  • what is covered off?
  • what will still need to be attended to when you get back home?
  • assignment
  • change toolkit
  • coaching
  • questions.

After completion of the face-to-face workshops

Three hours of telephone coaching which can be used for personal development and support for the assignment.

Self-study including essential wider reading and research for your assignment. Please note that all essential reading is provided and you will have access to the EBSCO online library.

Critical written assignment 3,000 words in length. Your choice of assignment (on organisation design or organisation development). Submitted via a Virtual Learning Environment. This must be completed within three months of attending the workshops.


On successful completion of the programme, you’ll be awarded the CIPD Advanced Level Award in Human Resources with 15 credits at Postgraduate level. The qualification is accredited by the CIPD and equivalent to QCF level 7.

How to Gain

To be awarded the qualification, you must:

  • attend five face-to-face training days
  • complete three hours of telephone coaching
  • successfully complete a written assignment.

You have just over three months to complete the requirements of the programme.

Fee and Duration

Full up-front qualification fee : £3,495 + VAT

The fees include all tuition, personal tutor support, assessment, course material and access to the dedicated Virtual Learning Environment. They do not include travel, accommodation or student membership. Membership is not mandatory to complete this programme; however we strongly recommend coming into Affiliate Membership in order to benefit from the full range of CIPD resources available to members.

You have just over three months to complete the requirements of the programme.

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The HR and L&D professions hold the key to unlocking that sweet spot. Good people management and development are not only good for the financial performance of a given business, but also for the well-being of its workforce and for the long-term prosperity of the economies and societies in which we all work. Read less