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Program Description

The Cambridge Marketing College was founded in 1991 and is the leading specialist Professional Marketing College in Europe. We have helped over 8,000 learners gain a marketing qualification. All our tutors are practising marketers who can help you to understand marketing theory and apply it to real organisations.


The CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing is the core operational marketing qualification for marketing professionals. It gives you the required knowledge, skills and understanding at management level to take a strategic approach to marketing planning, understand key marketing metrics, and interpret relevant insight to make informed strategic decisions.

The Diploma consists of two mandatory modules and one elective module from a choice of two. Each module requires 150 hours of study.

Entry Qualifications

A Bachelors degree in Business or Marketing (or an equivalent qualification) where a minimum of a third of the credits come from marketing OR three plus years’ of appropriate experience working in Marketing.

The qualification is taught and assessed in English. An IELTS of level 7 (or equivalent) is required.

Mandatory Modules:

Strategic Marketing: This module is about how to take a strategic approach to marketing planning to achieve competitive advantage. This module is assessed by a 3-hour examination, This module is assessed by examination which will comprise a number of extended answer questions to be completed in a controlled environment.

Mastering Metrics: This module examines the importance of managing marketing data for effective marketing decision making. This module is assessed by submission of an assignment based on an organisation of your choice.

Elective modules (you take one from a choice of two)

Digital Strategy: This module provides insight into how organisations can implement digital marketing capabilities in strategic marketing planning. This module is assessed by a three-part work-based portfolio comprising research, plan and report.

Driving Innovation: This module looks at how taking a visionary approach and embedding innovation can help organisations deal with the challenges of a fast-moving marketplace. This module is assessed by submission of an assignment based on an organisation of your choice.

Distance learning support package: Course materials: the College has published a specialist Companion Guide for each module plus a suite of 10 textbooks. These are supplied by ebook as part of your support package.

In addition, the College offers a Learning Zone. This bespoke online resource offers a micro-site for each module of each course. Within each area, you will find the tools to allow you to learn on the move, research your subjects, read articles, check key dates and see the latest news.

Study plan:

To help you navigate all the support materials, a weekly timetable for each module is supplied to you with details of all the reading, podcasts and videos.

Tutor support:

You will have a specialist tutor for each module who can answer questions and comment on one draft of your assignment or exam practice questions. Tutors are available by email, and by telephone/Skype at pre-arranged times.


Fees are £1,420 for 3 modules for 15 months support, or you can sign-up for a single module at £475 for 6 months support. For EU delegates, there is an additional UK government VAT tax, so the cost is £1,704 for 3 modules, or £570 for a single module. In addition, there are fees paid to the CIM: £50 membership fee plus £135 for each assessment. For EU delegates, the fee per assessment is £170. Delegates are responsible for signing up to the CIM and paying the fees. You can sign up to the College at any time. Assessments are taken in March, June and December each year.

Last updated November 2018

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