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Butler Training Course

School for Butlers & Hospitality

What you will learn at our school?

Laying the table, managing a wardrobe and welcoming guests are the quintessential qualities of a butler. Unfortunately, this is not enough in the 21st century. We see our students as trained professionals, not only on the practical side, but on the organizational level, as well.

School for Butlers and Hospitality has developed a unique set of techniques you will remember all your life. You will be prepared for any possible situation you might handle.

Our curriculum is truly unique! We offer a combination of interpersonal skills complemented with our unique set of nine, butler techniques. Here is a small overview of our curriculum.


The SBH techniques

When you start education at childhood, writing and reading is first. Our 9 butler techniques are indispensable to be a great butler or hospitality professional. Every situation you might encounter, you can apply one or more of these techniques. We help our students to instill these techniques in their lives as habits.


Presentation is key. You or your principal will like to be dressed in an impeccable way. We will teach you how to manage the next generation wardrobe.

  • The 7 secrets of a handmade gentleman's shirt
  • Packing a suitcase and three ways to secure the shipping of it
  • How to clean a $7000 pair of shoes
  • The 15 clothing shops you should know as a butler
  • How to shop for quality clothing, anywhere in the world
  • Personal and psychological butler skills

As a butler you are on stage, 24/7. Presentation, body language and service need to be in balance at all times. Therefor we present you following parts in the curriculum:

  • The guest matrix: handling different types of guests
  • The one thing a butler never says (and it's not "no"...)
  • How to talk you out of any situation, without embarrassing anyone
  • The 3 golden rules of behaving with your principal
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • NLP techniques for butlers

Service & table management

The profession of butler is and always will be a very hands on job. We focus very intensively on practical service and how to deliver it on the highest level possible and with an ongoing consistency.

  • The 6 p's of planning
  • How to develop an unmatched eye for detail
  • Different styles of service: from silver service to the newest trends
  • Silver care

Human Resources

In your capacity as butler, you might be at the helm of the household. It is an impossible job to execute without building the best team you can get and working with people as passionate as you are. At School for Butlers and Hospitality we prepare you to be a hospitality HR manager.

  • Assessing security issues before anyone comes to the household for an interview
  • How to test the candidate with a very effective exercise
  • We provide you with standard documents to use with any job interview
  • How to conduct a reference check
  • Sensitivity and cultural appreciation exercises for various nationalities working in the household

Household management

If you have ever tried to keep up with having your own household in perfect order, you know it's a daunting task. As a butler you will be employed in large households and you will need to handle this in a very professional way.

  • The three most essential tasks to perform, daily
  • How to check a room
  • How to set up a 'smart' home
  • Domestic staff plan

Etiquette & protocol

On more than any occasion, people will turn to you in order to have the right attire for the right invitation. Or they might just not be daily concerned about etiquette. That's where the professional butlers comes in, with the right training...

  • The history of etiquette
  • The right use of two handkerchiefs
  • How to escort a lady
  • Opening doors
  • Seating arrangements for different style of meals

Guest care procedure

  • Greeting and assisting visitors
  • Establish routine procedures for guest care
  • Handle non-routine situations effectively according to established guidelines
  • Evaluate own performance and identify opportunities for improving relationships with customers/guests

The maintenance of a safe and secure working environment

  • Maintain health and hygiene practices
  • Follow fire procedures
  • Maintain a safe environment for customers/guests, staff and visitors
  • Maintain security in the working environment
  • Maintain effective working relationships
  • Maintain effective working relationships with colleagues

Housekeeping procedures for butlers

  • Operate and monitor cleaning schedules
  • Monitor a range of accommodation services
  • Operate a linen and laundry service

Food service operations for butlers

  • Prepare food service and dining areas
  • Provide a silver service/butler service
  • Organise a buffet service
  • Organise the clearance of dining/service areas and table items

Introduction to wines, spirits and cigars for butlers

  • Investigate wine production and its characteristics
  • Store wines
  • Serve wines
  • Store and serve cigars
  • Stock, prepare and serve spirits
  • Valeting duties for butler
  • Pack and unpack customer/guest clothing
  • Lay out articles of clothing
  • Maintain articles of clothing and footwear
  • Carry out additional valeting service

Flowers and flower arranging for butlers

  • Identify the characteristics of fresh material
  • Maintain plant material and equipment
  • Produce a range of floristry designs

Maintaining surfaces and antique furnishings for butler

  • Research antiques, collectables and objects d’art
  • Care for wood and other antique furniture
  • Care for antique books
  • Care for marble and other stone surfaces
  • Maintain antique clocks

Organization of travel arrangements for butlers

  • Make travel arrangements
  • Make accommodation arrangements
  • Carry out pre-travel arrangements
  • Open and close a house

Event management for butlers

  • Plan and prepare events
  • Assist with running events
  • Assist with closing down events
  • React to emergencies at events

Car maintenance and preparation for butlers

  • Valet a car
  • Carry out routine maintenance checks in preparation for travelling

Procedures for dealing with shotguns for butlers

  • Handle shotguns safely
  • Safely store and transport shotguns

Domestic animal care for butlers

  • Prepare and clean animal accommodation
  • Provide food and water to a range of animals
  • Move, exercise and restrain animals

As an officially recognized Education Centre by City & Guilds, London we bring the full curriculum of this Level 3 qualification. On top of that we offer our own unique topics to bring the most intensive and complete butler course in the world.


4 week butler training

  • November: 8th
  • Investment: € 6980

5 day butler training

  • November: 8th
  • Investment: € 1550

What is included?

The school is non-residential but offers a complete package:

5 day training:

  • The majority of the classes are held at luxurious 5 star hotel and 18th century castle.
  • Two coffee breaks per day and lunch
  • Waistcoat, cufflinks, gloves, tie and handkerchief are provided with the school logo
  • High quality notepad, pen and personalised stationary.
  • Graduation reception
  • Free wifi
  • Acces to our "Alumni" section of the SBH website.

in addition for the 4 week training:

  • Full butler uniform of high quality to complete the training*
  • Placement opportunities worldwide (position not guaranteed)
  • All field trips are fully organized: transportation, meals and photo report.
  • Accommodation (for students of selected countries, please inform)

Field trips

  • Bentley
  • Master cheese riper
  • Private jets
  • Champagne Bollinger (FR)
  • JM Weston
  • ISPC
  • High end jeweler
  • Tea sommelier


  • Dark navy blue suit and white shirt according to our instructions.
  • Black oxford shoes.
  • We recommend bringing a laptop or tablet.
This school offers programs in:
  • English
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Nov. 2017
5 - 20 days
Full time
6,980 EUR
Belgium - Brussels
Start date: Nov. 2017
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Nov. 2017
Belgium - Brussels
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