Founded in 1949, in the heart of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, ESLSCA Business School has exceptional assets for higher management studies: a faculty composed of high-level experts, effective international relations, A network of companies involved in studies and internships, an enriching associative and cultural life. The "training and education" at the ESLSCA Business School is thus global and is concretized by a very broad generalist core curriculum to which are added specialization majors best suited to the taste of the student and the needs of companies. A good decision-maker, a good negotiator and a good strategist, the graduate of the ESLSCA Business School is also a good manager in the most modern sense: he not only manages existing resources, but also contributes to the creation of new opportunities for the Development of its business. The long-term political aspect is thus also a major focus of the ESLSCA Business School, which has set itself the task of training genuine "manager-entrepreneurs".


The Grande Ecole program of ESLSCA Business School is ranked among the 20 best Programs Grande Ecole post-prepa by SMBG-Eduniversal 2017 and is Laureate of the Trophies of Pedagogy.

In 2016, ESLSCA is pleased to join the top 10 European schools and the top 4 French schools with graduates of over € 100,000 per year: HEC, Mines, Ecole Polytechnique and Eslsca Business School (Emolument study).


To train high potential generalists with transversal skills. To do this, the lessons are subdivided according to two major axes: the fundamentals and the specialized courses.


This course is intended for candidates wishing to assimilate all techniques of management and management, to develop their personal qualities in a professional dimension, to create genuine professional expertise with an international dimension.


The so-called "Common Trunk" Is distributed over the three years of study. Parallel to this program and in the final year, are added courses by options.

The first two years of study thus form a first cycle of generalist studies. The third year constitutes a second cycle of studies, corresponding to the period of specialization among the 6 major ones below:

  • Major Marketing, International Management
  • Major Expertise Control
  • Major Market Finance
  • Major Corporate Finance
  • Major Economic Intelligence
  • Major Organization, Management, Consulting

This structure can meet three objectives:

  • Provide in the first year initial training in management, concretized by the acquisition of languages ​​and basic techniques.
  • Allow in the second year, the deepening of the basic courses, and training to a synthetic apprehension of the management problems of the company.
  • Assist students in the last year with their skills in the definition and implementation of company policies and with a certain amount of technical knowledge gained during the option courses, enabling them to Faster integration into a particular department of the company


In order to train entrepreneurial managers, the ESLSCA Business School has set up the Enterprise Project since 1998. With tutor professors, students per team of 5, and over 2 years, build their project: sector study, legal environment and marketing plan, business plan. Finally, students present publicly in front of a grand jury, professors tutors their business projects which, for some of them are now realities.

Thanks to the Business Project, students have the competence to initiate and carry out a professional project, an essential quality requested by companies.


The ESLSCA Business School has several partner universities around the world, with which it also has pedagogical exchanges, hence the arrival of English-speaking professors.


ESLSCA Business School, with its 15,000 graduates in some 100 countries, benefits from one of the largest and oldest networks among the top management schools.

It provides valuable assistance for the professional integration of young graduates both in France and abroad (network MBA).


  • ARNAUD Jean-Michel (80), Vice President, METRO INTERNATIONAL
  • BAVAROT Arnaud (89), Chief Financial Officer, CADBURY, France
  • BERQUET-CLIGNET Manuel (91), Marketing Director, COCA COLA, France
  • CHAMBURE (de) Thierry (88), Chairman of the Management Board, UBS, France
  • CHAUNAC (de) Hugues (70), Chairman and CEO, ORECA
  • CROS Jean-Claude (74), Executive Vice President, AIR France
  • FRENCH-KEOGH Lionel (93), Sales and Network Manager, KIA MOTORS, France
  • FROMANTIN Jean-Christophe (86), Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine
  • JORDI Marc (97), Chief Financial Officer, VELUX France.
  • KOUCK Alain (68), Chairman of the Management Board, EDITIS
  • LEDOUX Eric (88), Chief Executive Officer, EUROPCAR, France
  • LEFEBVRE Stéphane (82), General Manager, CHAMPAGNE CANARD-DUCHÊNE
  • MAROTTE Sébastien (87), Vice President EMEA, GOOGLE ENTERPRISE
  • MULLIEZ Arnaud (82), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AUCHAN France
  • ROULOT Pierre-Frédéric (87), President, LOUVRE HOTELS
Program taught in:
  • English
  • French
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Oct 2019
3 years
9,000 EUR
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Oct 2019
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