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Greetings from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)!

Have you ever thought about studying in Singapore? Have you ever imagined participating in the International Summer Program at the top educational institution in Singapore?

Please come and enjoy our International Summer Program this summer!

International Summer Program @ SIM (ISP @ SIM)

The International Summer Program is designed to grow as a global talent in the era of globalization and prepare for employment on the international stage. Through this program, you can build an international network, learn about other cultures and grow into a global talent. Also, develop international competencies such as creative intelligence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, and digital intelligence through our program!

Supported programs are: Global Learning Experience (GLEE) Track 1, Business English for Beginners (BEB) Track 2, and Basic English for Beginners (EIP).

The 2019 International Summer Program is divided into two sessions. The first session will be held from July 1 to 19, 2019, and the second session will be from August 13 th to 30 th, 2019.


Why SIM?

Experience the multicultural experience of Singapore as well as the education of Singapore at the top educational institution in Singapore through the International Summer Program. SIM is one of the oldest university in the history of the Republic of Singapore. SIM was founded in 1964 and has played a very important role in the history of Singapore. It is an international private university that has won numerous awards as the best private educational institution in Singapore and its neighboring countries, and boasts a 50-year partnership with overseas prestigious universities.

  • A history older than the Republic of Singapore
  • 18,000 students and more than 158,000 graduates (20% of all international students)
  • Singapore is consistently ranked as the country with the best living and working conditions.


Colorful experiences!

1. Lecture

Track 2: Business English for Beginners (BEB) This is particularly useful for students preparing to work ahead of their graduation. If you are aiming to work for an international company or an international organization, increase your English skills to do business with Beginner Business English (BEB) classes!

Intermediate English level required.

  • Is it possible to have a simple daily conversation in English?
  • Do you want to improve your business English skills?

This program is especially useful for students who are preparing to get ready for graduation. If you are aiming to work for an international company or an international organization, increase your English skills to do business with Beginner Business English (BEB) classes!

2. Corporate Projects

Through corporate projects, participants can use AAA (Assessment, Acquisition, and Application) to make their overall business better understood by being exposed to real business. This project is designed to enable participants to develop their business insights by studying cases and ideas applicable to real companies based on the knowledge and experience they have learned at international summer universities (ISPs).

  • evaluation

See your current capabilities through your enterprise projects.

  • get

Understand the business problems of your company and gain the knowledge you have learned in your own skills.

  • apply

Take the time to magnetize and apply your knowledge and skills through your weekly enterprise project.

3. Personal Development Workshop

To help develop international competencies and to provide more diverse experiences, our International Summer Universities are implementing individual development workshops.

  • Design your own Singapore adventure (Amazing Race Singapore)

Do you have a list of buckets you would like to see in Singapore? Have you prepared a list of foods you want to eat? Do not you want to take some fun pictures in front of the famous Merlion prize, Singapore? Do not worry if you will get lost in your first coming to Singapore, or if you are traveling alone ... SIM Our current Global Running Ambassador will take you on an adventure in Singapore and show you various aspects of Singapore.

  • Visit Marina Bay Sands

Overlooking the world-renowned Singapore skyline, enjoy an observation deck on the top of the 57th floor with international summer college (ISP) friends! Film Crazy Riche Take a stunning photo at Ce La Vi in Asia and enjoy the scenery of Singapore against the backdrop of the world famous infinity pool.

  • Global Business Networking Dinner

Expand your global network with global business networking dinners! It will be an invaluable opportunity to hear about a living experience of building a career in Singapore through the graduates of many East Asian compatriots working in Singapore.

  • Global communication through drums

Are you ready to make team friendship with fun drums? We want you to be in perfect harmony with the rhythm of excitement, and to learn leadership and teamwork through moderate silence and group work. Match the rhythm of the drum to create new memories this summer vacation!

  • Sports Meet Business

Become one in sports and increase your management skills and develop sportsmanship. Regardless of whether you like sports or game analysis, or whether you like commentary, you can develop your challenging spirit, recruiting skills, management skills, and leadership!


4. Company Visit

We invite you to explore companies in Singapore, which serves as a business hub connecting East and West, to enhance business insight on the international stage.

Company visits include but are not limited to the following list companies:

  • Bloomberg
  • Facebook
  • Master Card Head Quarter
  • Microsoft Technology Center
  • Sentosa
  • Skett Airlines
  • SATS (Catering company)
  • PUB (power company)
  • Asia Pacific Brewery
  • Furunama (eco-friendly company)
  • Paris Baguette
  • Hello flower (flower flower)
  • Pearl Rise Love (leather processing company) and others

5. Buddy guidance system

Participants will be able to experience true Singapore through the eyes of the locals through SIM's buddy guide system. Buddy will participate in various official programs. Participants will accompany you on weekends if you wish and will help you explore all over Singapore.


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SIM Global Education (SIM GE) is the leading private educational institution in Singapore. It offers more than 80 academic programmes ranging from its own diploma and graduate diploma courses to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes with top ranking and reputable universities from Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. With an enrolment of about 19,000 full and part-time students and adult learners from over 40 countries with about 20% being full-time international students, SIM GE’s holistic learning approach and culturally diverse learning environment aim to equip students with an all-rounded global education. Besides building competencies and skills needed to thrive in the real world, SIM GE also hones the soft skills of students through a wide range of student life, career development and networking activities. Read less
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