Business English and English for Specific Purposes


Program Description

Intensive English

One-to-One Executive English for Corporate Clients

These types of courses are designed for the specific needs of managers and professionals. We can offer a variety of tailored courses with options on individual goals, length and intensity of training. Young professionals seeking higher education at US Universities can prepare with us for their TOEFL exams and preparation for MBA training.

Combination Course

This course is a combination of group classes and one-to-one training. Commonly the client takes 4 private and 2 group classes per day. While we focus on the individual needs and requirements during the one-to-one sessions, the group classes offer the opportunity to meet other international students and focusing on conversation, listening comprehension and small talk.

Specialized Training

Presentation Skills Training

Finding the right words in everyday life can be difficult enough, but in business it can make or break a deal. This one-week course is designed to help achieve the fluency and confidence that is needed to convincingly present the product or company as well as oneself in a professional manner. In order to achieve the desired outcome we:

  • Assess language needs in a pre-course conversation
  • Focus on enhancing the language needed for particular areas
  • Strengthen the vocabulary base
  • Prepare a business presentation in front of a small group, given with confidence and accuracy
  • Record lessons to monitor your progress and improve areas that may need extra attention
  • Practice words and phrases that are hard to pronounce


One of the most dreaded situations in an office environment is “picking up the telephone to an English speaker on the other end – words simply seem to fail you”. Yet, more and more businesses deal with international partners and English is the ONE common language. Strong telephone skills are absolutely necessary. We will focus on those special skills during a general business course as a two day special assignment.

Cross Cultural Training

Different strokes for different folks – What sounds so innocuous and simple can under certain circumstances lead to very awkward situations. What was meant as a polite gesture might be a total insult to another person. This is not only embarrassing but can be very harmful to a business relationship. This course is designed to inform more about different cultures, their etiquettes and the dos and don’ts when in a foreign environment. Knowing about these differences not only gives the confidence to get about more easily but can make all the difference for business success.

Intensive Pronunciation

For many international students one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the command of pronunciation as their native phonetic is entirely different from English. Therefore this one week course is exclusively designed to help mastering the sometimes rather difficult English pronunciation.

Last updated Nov 2017

About the School

Boston School of Modern Languages (BSML) is a private language institution that offers year-round intensive and semi-intensive English language programs.

Boston School of Modern Languages (BSML) is a private language institution that offers year-round intensive and semi-intensive English language programs. Read less