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Program Description

Most people attend courses at Accent because they need English in their work. At Accent we receive men and women from a very large variety of businesses and professions - from Banking to Pharmaceuticals, from Engineering to Medicine, from Insurance to Railways, from Space Corporations to Lawyers.

In fact, from Automotive Industries to Zoologists - we literally work from A to Z. Each course is different and special and any two Finance Managers, for example, have different needs. There are, however, a number of specialisations which appear to be more in demand than others and this leaflet is to give you an idea of those. This list only a sample. As you will see on the back of this leaflet, we can usually provide a specialist programme - whatever your specific needs.

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Course Content

Specialist English courses are designed for the participant. At Accent, we design the course to fit the participant - we do not try to make the participant fit a pre-designed programme of study. The outlines below are simply to give you some idea of what we have done in the past and what is possible.

In general, these courses are divided into 3 modules:

Module A: Language Development & Accuracy (LDA)

Improving range and quality of language, through presentation and practice of specific areas of grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation and through controlled speaking and/or writing activities. Context: General, Business or Specific, as needed.

Module B: Language Skills (LS)

Improving essential language skills through listening & reading activities, training in required areas of discussion and writing. Trainer feedback to develop language range and accuracy. Topics selected from:

  • Speaking – focus on fluency in informal discussion (general or professional topics)
  • Listening (topics ranging from general to highly specialised)
  • Reading (topics ranging from general to highly specialised)
  • Writing (including practice in emails, reports etc)
  • Accuracy in vocabulary & structure in trainer feedback
  • Context; General, Business or Specific, as needed.

Module C: Professional Skills (PS)

Improving effectiveness in English in essential work situations, to include: language development, modelling through listening and reading activities, practice through case studies, role plays and simulations. Trainer feedback to develop language range and accuracy. Topics selected from:

  • Socialising
  • Travel
  • Telephoning
  • Meetings / Teleconferences
  • Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Interviews
  • Speaking – focus on achieving communication goals in professional situations
  • Accuracy
  • Context: General, business or Specific, as needed

Course Formats

As these courses are very specific, we advise that participants follow an individual intensive or combination course format.


We can supply references in most specialist areas and probably in your country. Please ask for details.

Accent International

A Sample of Specialist Programmes

English for Banking

Includes: Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets, Financial Forecasting, Ratio Analysis, Credit Assessment, Private Banking, Corporate Banking, FOREX Dealing, Stock Market, Derivatives, Investment Portfolios, Describing Economic Indicators, Presentation of Graphical and Numerical Data, Negotiations.

English for Business Communication

Telephoning, Writing letters, faxes and e-mails, Establishing Relationships, Making Appointments, Socializing with Clients and Colleagues, Meetings, Negotiating, Travelling. Specific Language for Communicating in e.g. Finance, Human Resources, Production, Marketing, General Management, etc.

English for Engineering

Describing Properties (Mechanical, Structural, Thermal, Electrical, Electronic, Hydraulic, Nuclear, Chemical, etc). Mathematical Language, Processes, Sequences, Presentation of Technical subjects, Reading and Writing Technical Reports. Specific Options in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Hydraulic, Mining, Petroleum, Marine, Nuclear, Production, Stress Mechanics and Metallurgy, Chemical, Biological, Petroleum.

English for Human Resources

Describing Organisations, Interviewing, Telephoning, Meetings, Presentation of Statistical Information, Reading and Writing Reports, Negotiating, Motivation, Training, IndustrialRelations, Quality, Compensation, Legal Environment, Recruitment, Appraisal, Restructuring, Health and Safety, Employee Development, Internal Communications.

English for Journalism

Journalistic Terminology, Interviewing Techniques, Telephoning, Reading Press Releases and Documents, Summarising, Taking Notes, Expanding, Written Accuracy, News Reporting, Feature Writing, Financial, Political, Science, Sports, Editing, Sub-Editing, Writing Headlines, Proof-reading, Radio and TV Broadcasting, Press Conferences.

English for Finance

Interpreting Numerical Data, Describing Financial Performance, Discussing Trends and Results, Explaining Financial Graphics, Making Comparisons and Projections, Company Accounts, the Annual Report, Profit and Loss Accounts, The Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Analysis, Budgets, Taxation, Shareholders, Economic Indicators, Company Valuation, Investments.

English for Law

Legal Terminology, Meetings Skills, Interview Techniques, Telephoning, Reading and Writing Contracts, Negotiating, Clause Analysis, Explanation and Clarification Skills, interpretation of Law, Advising, Opinionating, Law of Contract, Company Law, Fiscal Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Tort, European Law, Art of Advocacy, Case Law, Precedent, Statutes, The English Legal System, The Judiciary.

English for Medicine

Medical Terminology, Theoretical Language of e.g. Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, etc., Language of Consultation, Describing and Interpreting Symptoms, Language of Diagnosis, Clinical Language, Asking Questions, Opinionating, Advising, Interpreting Medical Data, Reading and Writing Medical Documents, Special areas include Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology, Haematology, Immunology, Geriatrics, Orthopaedics, Dentistry, Surgery, General Practice.

English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical terminology, Pharmacology, Language of Analysis, Describing and Interpreting Effects, Language of Product Performance, Clinical Language, Opinionating, Interpreting Scientific Data, Reading and Writing Scientific Documents, Making Comparisons, Specific topic areas including: Serums/anti-serums, Immunology, Virology, Allergenics, Hormones, Analgesics, Biosynthetics, Blood Substitutes, Transplants, Oncological Treatment, Drug Performance, Bacterial Infection and Antibiotics, HIV/AIDS, Therapeutics, etc.

English for Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Terminology, Making a Sales Presentation, Describing Products and Services, Telephoning, Making Arrangements, Socializing with Clients, Negotiating a Sale, Writing Proposals, Market Analysis, Targetting, Distribution, Promotion, the Sales Pitch, Pricing, Product Placement, Telephone Selling, After-Sales.

£1000 per week

All courses are for 1 week of 40 hours in a small group of maximum 6. Cost includes all teaching, lunch with trainers every day, social programme and daily transport.

  • All courses are 40-hour intensive group courses for maximum 6 participants. Minimum age for these courses is 23. The courses run from< 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday.

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Accent was founded in 1988 as a specialist consultancy and English language training organisation for Companies, Executives, Managers and Professionals. Since then, we have worked closely with corpora ... Read More

Accent was founded in 1988 as a specialist consultancy and English language training organisation for Companies, Executives, Managers and Professionals. Since then, we have worked closely with corporate clients and individuals from all over the world to provide training solutions for language problems and help them to exploit the opportunities which are available on a global scale. Read less
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