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English is the international language of business, and in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate in English fluently. But many people who speak English as a Second Language, even if they’ve studied English for some time, may be unfamiliar with the specific kind of English used in the business world. This is why we at Columbia West College have developed our Business English program in Los Angeles. Our program has been specifically designed to provide you with the skills necessary to excel in your business career. Additionally, our Business English courses will further develop your understanding of the English language.

Our Business English program has three levels: Introductory, Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate/Advanced. As you progress through each level, you will learn the basics of critical thinking and business knowledge, and then fine tune and further develop these skills, giving you the confidence and motivation to achieve your goals within the business world. Read on for more information about our different Business English course levels.


Our Introductory Business English course will give you the tools you’ll need to transition to a career in business, including a solid foundation of critical thinking, research, and analytical skills and the English language resources to communicate in many different business scenarios.

After the successful completion of introductory Business English, students will be able to:

  • Engage in various forms of business communication such as making contact and exchanging information by phone, entertaining and socializing with other business professionals, and presenting a company and its products.
  • Define and use a variety of relevant business vocabulary and expressions within current business publications as well as practice new vocabulary in writing and speech.
  • Edit and write a variety of common business correspondences and reports, including email, proposals and formal letters.
  • Gain confidence to participate in discussions, meetings, negotiations and presentations on business related topics.
  • The Intermediate level of our Business English program teaches students to effectively communicate on a higher level in a variety of business situations. The course focuses on further developing presentation skills and reinforcing communication skills through business-related grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities, as well as role-play and critical thinking exercises.
  • After the successful completion of Intermediate Business English, students will be able to do the following and more:
  • Use various strategies and skills to take part in meetings, make presentations, negotiate, make arrangements over the phone, manage and set up meetings, and network.
  • Identify main ideas and key details of topical business texts
  • Identify and use common grammatical structures to write a variety of common business correspondence.
  • Improve their ability to actively listen and take notes during interviews and other meetings with professionals.


Our Upper Intermediate/Advanced level Business English program is designed to help students communicate and negotiate successfully in English in more complex business situations and environments. These skills are developed and honed through relevant listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities, as well as role-plays and critical thinking exercises.

Upon successful completion of the Upper Intermediate/Advanced level course, students will be able to:

  • Strategizing and dealing with communication breakdowns, brainstorming, networking, negotiating, and reaching agreements, building and communicating presentations effectively, as well as the ability to listen actively and resolve conflicts.
  • Using advanced grammatical structures to write and edit a variety of business communications including reports, emails, summaries, and press releases.
  • Identifying and applying steps and tactics in successful international negotiation including preparation, relationship building, making proposals, questioning techniques, bargaining, and closing deals.
  • Once you have completed the Business English program, you will be equipped with the proper tools to succeed in the business world.


At Columbia West College we have made it our goal to provide our students with a well-rounded and effective English language education. Our Business English program accomplishes just that by preparing our students for professional success in the business world. For more information on our Business English programs or courses in Los Angeles, or any of our other services, programs, and pricing, contact Columbia West College today!

Last updated Jan 2018

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