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Program Description

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, UVic-UCC has been compelled to cancel the Study Abroad program "Business, Design and Innovation" scheduled for Fall 2020. Health and safety of our community is a top priority for our institution. However, all UVic-UCC programs scheduled for Spring 2021 (starting on January 2021) are continuing to run as normal and are open for applications. 
For international students who wish to spend one or two semesters in Barcelona, the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia offers elective courses in the fields of business, design, and innovation. On completion, students receive a UVic-UCC certificate with academic credits that their home university may recognize. These courses are strongly oriented towards practice but they also cover the basic theory needed to work on real case studies. Professionals from the world of business and design are invited to some of the course sessions.

The program includes a variety of courses (a minimum of four) from which students can choose to design their own pathway.

Aimed at

The Study Abroad Program Business, Design & Innovation is aimed at undergraduate students or university graduates who wish to spend 15 weeks in Barcelona getting an insight into innovative business projects in the European Capital of Design.


The academic calendar 2020-2021

  • Term 1 (Fall): not available 
  • Application deadline: closed
  • Term 2 (Spring): 15 weeks from 18th January 2021 to 29th April 2021
  • Application deadline: 21th December 2020


All courses last for a semester (15 weeks), each with a total of 45 contact hours (6 European credits).



Global marketing. Globalization | Political risk & geographical factors | Global branding | Markets | Operations development

1 - 2

Design thinking. Creativity techniques | Market research | Product design techniques | Fast product development

1 - 2

Start-up creation. New business models | Entrepreneurship | Fund-raising, and crowd-funding | Social innovation

1 - 2

Marketing and fashion. International competitiveness | Consumer behavior | Marketing trends | Coolhunting

1 - 2

Brand design. Design and implementation of branding strategies | Brand positioning and values | Building a global brand | Naming new products and brand extensions

1 - 2

Digital business. Digital retailing | Augmented reality | Community management | Google Analytics

1 - 2

Leadership, business, and society. Leadership skills | Business role and impact on society | Impact of society on business | Team-building

1 - 2

Luxury marketing. Luxury industries | Brand building & luxury design | Luxury quality & price | Luxury communication & advertising | Luxury opportunities


Retail management. Retail strategies | Customer and market segmentation | Retail pricing | Store layout & control | Retail finance control | Operations management & logistics at the point of sales | Talent attraction


Psychology of Communication and Publicity. Human Communication | Psychological Paradigms of Communication | Persuasive Communication and Creativity | Subliminal messages | Digital Advertising


Fees - Academic year 2019-2020

Number of courses

Number of ECTS (*)

Tuition fees

























*Number of ECTS recommended per semester is 30ECTS - 5 courses - 2850

The price includes:

  • Welcome pack with local information and advice
  • Teaching and tutorial sessions with a qualified teaching team
  • Registration and enrolment fees
  • Assessment
  • UVic-UCC transcript at the end of the program
  • Internet access
  • All teaching materials handed out for the program
  • Use of UVic-UCC facilities
  • UVic-UCC email account
  • Information about accommodation

The price does not include:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and drinks
  • Excursions and other leisure activities
  • Books and personal expenses

(*) ECTS: European credit

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Universitat de Vic - Central University of Catalonia emerged from a regional and citizens’ initiative to continue with a university tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. UVic-UCC is a public university under private management. Read less