We help you access the professional world - while you are still a student.

Do you secretly suspect you are meant for greater things but can't quite figure out your next step? Are you born to fly, but also really want to have your feet on the ground?

An internship you won't want to go home from

We will find you a great internship in Brussels using your profile and our network and reputation. You, my friend, instead of banging your head against the wall wondering why you hear crickets after applying to two hundred organisations, you'll be ironing your dress shirt and packing your bag. Make no mistake: you will need to work hard and earn your office's respect - we cannot do that for you. But you'll have a coach and mentor available to guide you, encourage you and strategise with you every step of the way.

Network your way to a career

Now you probably know that Brussels has great chocolate, and beer, and mussels. But did you know that while eating and drinking and socialising, you can advance your career prospects and build a network that lasts a lifetime?

Yep, it's called networking: we live and breathe by it and we will show you how it's done. Brussels is a complex and interesting city where you will find people from literally every country in the EU and the world. Click here to discover our favorite reasons to love Brussels, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Not paradise per se, just networking paradise. Oh yeah, and waffle paradise too.

How does it work

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student in a global university, or a recent graduate, you have come to the right place. Are you studying in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland? Ask us about our program for European Students

The program is organised together with our academic partner, Vesalius College who provides you with the academic support of a dedicated Faculty Member. Visa invitation letters are provided when needed. Completing the internship and related academic paper earns you 3 US academic credits which can be transferred to your home institution.

Step 1: As soon as you commit to the program, we work with you to optimise your self-presentation. Then, we find you an appropriate internship. And we find you a great housing solution, if you're going for the Comfy Cruise upgrade.

Step 2: When you arrive in Brussels, you receive a full orientation about the city and the internship expectations. Typically, you will work in your office full time (typically 35-40 hours per week) for the duration of the program.

Step 3: During your experience, we will meet regularly to talk about how you can use every ounce of your experience to learn about your chosen field and yourself, create a strong professional network and get opportunities through them and present your experience to its best advantage in your next applications.

An affordable investment

The program fee for a 1-3 month internship program is an affordable investment:

Global student Internship Anytime program fee: 2250 €

For this price you get:

  • guaranteed internship placement in an area of your interest: this comes with a 100% money back guarantee: if we cannot secure an internship for you by your agreed starting date, we will refund 100% of the program fee
  • Vesalius College tuition for the internship seminar (3 US credits transferrable) with academic support (two-tree meetings with Faculty member and one paper) - If you are already enrolled in a University in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland, click on the European Student Program page.
  • Visa invitation letter if needed and visa support
  • Rolling admission to allow you to respect your academic and personal timing: no deadlines, but limited spaces available!
  • Superhero Training career coaching program: more than a single experience, you will learn a method to show off your skills to their best advantage and confidently define YOUR added value.
  • Local orientation and support.

Upgrade for full logistic support

Apprehensive about making your way on your own in a foreign environment? Don't speak the local language (which one is it anyway?) Cast all worry aside and enjoy the royal treatment.

Comfy Cruise Upgrade: 600 €

For this price you get (in addition to the Internship above)

  • A Local support staff person you can call 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Airport (or station) pickup and transfer to your housing
  • Housing placement and management (single room with shared facilities, homestay available)
  • We’ll secure appropriate housing for you and make sure it’s a safe area and a legitimate contract: you will still need to pay rent to the landlord, 400 – 700 €/ month depending on situation.

Internships in Brussels are offered in the fields:

- policy and government, international relations

- legal studies

- economics, finance, budget

- liberal arts and humanities

- sustainability related studies

- health studies

- business, marketing, communication

Superhero Training

We believe that everyone has a very special and unique set of talents, abilities, and interests. We call this unique mix, the best part of your professional talents, your inner superhero. When you take part in the Go For It Brussels programs, not only you get some real-world experience in an internship, you will also be encouraged to go a step forward at every turn to develop your special blend of talents, passions, and personality that are the essence of the person you want to be.

Application Process

  1. Fill in the Application form with some general information and your resume. You will then receive an email with some timeslot proposals to book an interview with our admissions advisor.
  2. In a 30- 40 minute Skype/phone interview, we will ask you about your background experience, goals, and motivations. We will also discuss the opportunities available for you in consideration of your skills, experience, and career goals. This is your chance to shine and show us why you would be a good candidate for our program.
  3. Within 1-2 business days, we will follow up with you to agree on a strategy for your internship, and we will request additional documents from you such as a cover letter. If it turns out the program is not a good fit for you, we will let you know.
  4. Confirm your spot in the program by paying a deposit. This deposit is 100% refundable (only) in case we are not able to secure an internship for you. Once we have received your deposit, your place in our program is confirmed. Typically, the balance of the program fee will be due 4-6 weeks before the program starts. This is to ensure your choice of internship and housing can be secured for you.
  5. Start the visa application process. We will request the official transfers of your college grads to sign you up for your selection of courses at our partner, Vesalius College.
  6. We will get to work securing an internship in a well-suited role in your preferred career fields. If the host office requires a Skype/phone interview we will coach you and help you prepare. Your internship role will typically be confirmed 3-4 weeks prior to your arrival (this is a guideline and may differ during peak seasons). We recommend that you book your flights once your visa is confirmed.


All our housing options are furnished and we provide you with bed linen and free, unlimited wifi as standard. Crucially, we take great care to make sure that all our housing options are located in safe, pleasant areas of Brussels, within a reasonable commute (maximum of 45 minutes) to your internship site and college by public transport or walk.

Student housing

You will live in typical student housing which will provide everything you need during your stay and enable you to explore the city. Program participants will either reside in shared apartments with other students, or they will stay in student housing buildings where each student has a single bedroom (with individual kitchenette or with a shared kitchen). The housing areas vary, but all are located in safe and convenient neighborhoods with nearby supermarkets, restaurants, gyms and easy access to public transport, which runs 24/7, making it safe and easy to get around town.

Students will be living in the city of Brussels in the midsts of an active local community. You will have the chance to hang out with other program participants, whether in the same building or in nearby neighborhoods or mingle with the multicultural Brussels population and practice your foreign language skills.


During semester programs, and on a more limited basis during summer programs, students can request a homestay. You will stay with a local individual or family in a single or shared bedroom. Homestay providers are vetted and managed by our academic partner, so they are used to hosting exchange students; staying with a host family means you need to adopt a bit to the family’s schedule and house rules. On the plus side, you will be provided with breakfast every day and dinner four days a week, so you will have less to worry about when it comes to groceries, budgeting and cooking. Homestay families may speak English or French, so staying in a host family can be a great French immersion opportunity. Every student is asked to fill out a comprehensive survey to get an idea of their habits, health issues and preferences to ensure perfect matching with a family.

Program taught in:
  • English

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