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Discounts for Alumni and Multiple Bookings: We are happy to see you again and would like to reward you with a 100 EUR Alumni discount of your course fee (or final fee if you register for more than one course). Participants who register for several of our courses will get a 50 EUR discount off the final price.

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Transitions and Transformations

29.06.–03.07. Wandering Site-Inspiration Across Disciplinary Boundaries

This seminar allows interdisciplinary collaboration through the process of aesthetic transformatlon. We will startthe process from a unique place in the
Berlin cltyscape and develop lndlvldual concepts from there. The focus will lie on the idea-generating process: How do we generate ideas and pass on
inspiration? The aim is to fuel each other's creative process by generating new resources.

10.07.–17.07.Your Berlin Story: An Alternative 'Creative Non-Fiction' Writing Workshop

Under the guldance of the author, blogger and wrlter Joseph Pearson, this alternative writing workshop explores the German capital through the genre of 'creatlve non-fiction' and essays based an real experlences. The course aims to set a high writing standard and produce work of publication quality.

24.07.–26.07. lron Printlng in Blue - A Cyanotype Workshop

This practical course will explore the diversity of the cyanotype process, one of the first photographic techniques. The focus will lie on its application in the participants' artistic work and discussion of cyanotype methods in contemporary art.

03.08.–06.08. Startlng and Leadlng Your Own Successful Creatlve Business

Thls practlcal course will help creatlves to plan, shape, communlcate, launch, and lead thelr creatlve buslness, including digital startups. lt is also suitable for freelancers who would like to refresh their current creative
practice wlth new ideas and energy.

24.08.–28.08. Transitions - Drawing and Space

This drawing workshop explores transition spaces of the urban Berlin and experiments with the process of drawing in an open and interpretive manner. The emphasis will be put on practical artistic work in combination with critical discourses.

01.09.–04.09. Finding the Stories - A Photography Workshop

This workshop combines analytical and practical photographic work. we will learn about what constltutes a narrative and howto create meanlngful Images. In addltlon to produclng photo serles, the participants will become skilled at examining, reading, and talking about photographs.


18.06.–21.06. (Re)Discovering the City

This four-day workshop will look up on the ways of how we can both be inspired by and change our attitude to the city considering our level of familiarity with it. we will discuss artist ic strategies such as psychogeography, situationism, urban intervention, and GPS drawing/mapping.

25.06.–28.06. Experiments in Perception

In this seminar, participants will get the basic knowledge of auditory and visual perception through demonstrations and reenactments of scientific experiments and perceptual phenomena. Additionally, we will explore related artistic, architectural, scientific and philosophic texts and works in readings, presentations and discussions.

27.07.–31.07. Seeking for New Noise

Thls workshop offers an opportunltyfor artlstlc practices by emphasising the sound. Noise, a new material for music creation at the break of the
20th century, isn't new anymore and gets used more often. We will seek and explore dlsruptors of musical and artistic norms, such as noise was.

03.08.–07.08. Berlin Appeals 2O2O - Poster Design Workshop

This workshop will focus on the poster as a means of free expresslon In public spaces. We will discuss the important messages that young designers have in 2020 and create posters, expressive in content and form.

11.08.–14.08. Brutallsm: A Photographic Approach

For several years now, brutalist architecture has been celebrated In the exhibitions, as well as on Facebook and lnstagram. We are going to set out on a search of brutalist buildings in Berlin and take pictures of them. Their concrete surface, their formal expression will be released and examined as a source of material. The aim of this course is an extension of perception and an artistically free approach to Brutallsm through photographs.


01.05.–05.05. What Are You Talking About - Oral Storytelling in Contemporary Society

In this course, oral storytellers are invited to explore their repertoire of traditional folktales with a focus on racism, gender and hetero-normativity. Through the hands-on exercises, this workshop supports the
development of narrative and performing strategies to creatively overcome ethical problems.

27.06.–28.06. Survival Training - Staying Alive in the Art World

This crash course is aimed at art school graduates. lts goal is to introduce career starters to the professional side of being an artist. You will receive background knowledge, theoretical and practical tips on how to survive in the shark pool of the art business.

27.07.–30.07. Writing = Design: Creative Copy Writing Workshop

Learn about writing as a design tool. Get to know your creative potential in dealing with words, which often seems to be a field of insecurity for visual
designers. Make words work for you! Create your own verbal personality and make your visual identity even more convincing.

27.07.–31.07. The Semiotics of Fashion Styling

In this short course, we will analyse a wider meaning of fashion signs within the socio-cultural context. Looking at the works of famous stylists and key designers, we will critically survey the rise of certain trends and try to explain them through the prism of the social and cultural changes. The course dwells upon the issue of identity as negotiated through fashion and discusses the current state of the fashion world through the prism of postcolonial studies.

07.08.–09.08. Storytelling - An Introduction

The practice of storytelling enhances communicational and presentational skills, develops imagination and the ability to improvise. Participants of this workshop will learn the basic steps of oral storytelling and how they
can give their story a unique voice.

10.08.–14.08. Me, Myself and I - Editorial Design Workshop

Create a fanzine on another participant of the workshop and have a whole week of diverse challenges that will help you reflect on your role in the working environment. Get a curator's perspective on the
process of choosing the content, work as an editor by telling a story with the given information and as a graphic designer by designing the magazine itself.

11.08.–14.08. Self-Marketing for Women Artists

Self-marketlng means understanding the specifics of your work and being able to promote it: What makes it unique? ls it worth exhibiting or buying? With a special focus on women artists' self-marketing, we will take a look at how to present the work and get ready for the international art scene.

19.08.–22.08. Curation and Communication: It's All About... Talking

Communication is crucial for the curators. They communicate online and offline with the artists, audience, politicians and colleagues. Surrounding the topic of communication, we will learn about the necessary skills from experts, discuss strategies, and exchange experiences.

01.09.–03.09. Vitality and Structure for New Work - Tools and Thoughts

What da you do lf you want to start a business avoiding a bossy atmosphere and classical hlerarchies? In this workshop, you will learn more about reorganisation possibilities and find the right structure for your
business idea, which will allow constant development and exchange.

03.09.–08.09. The Drama Works - Writing for Stage

This comprehensive four-day workshop guides the participants through a series of precisely patterned exercises, which demonstrate the essential elements of the dramatist craft such as structure, conflict development
and character, etc.


15.07.–17.07. Berlin Techno - Software/Hardware Explorations

How do aesthetics and technology relate to and influence each other in contemporary music production? We will analyse those aspects based on
hardware and software from Berlin, the capital of techno. During the workshop, you will get the chance to visit world-leading companies as well as small manufacturers that develop tools for special musical

16.07.–18.07. Valérie Favre: Question Your Artistic Perspective

The participants of this workshop will evolve unique ways of seeing through analysing historical and modern artworks and get a deep insight into the theoretical dimensions of painting in order to question and broaden their own artistic perspectlve.

17.08–21.08. Editing for Film- and Video-Art

This workshop examines ways of how filmmakers and video artists use editing in orderte create and clarify the meaning. After watching and discussing clips from a wide range of films, the participants receive assignments which will put these ideas to immediate use.

17.08.–23.08. Intensive Opera Audition Training

The focus of this masterclass will particularly lie on how to audltlon and prepare to perform In a German-speaklng opera hause. Repertoire choices,
interpretation, insights to the selection criteria of agents and opera houses are important aspects that will be covered during the class.

07.09.–11.09. Drawing at the Nature Lab

The workshop is intended to provide an intensive study of the plant world. The participants will do research on historical plant samples, explore the Berlin Botanical Garden, discover the plants' cellular structures with the microscope and graphically interpret the gathered knowledge about their form.

13.09.–19.09. Writing Ashram for PHDs and Post-Docs

The Writing Ashram ls a training course for concentrated writing. Academlcs of all levels retreat from daily routines and responsibilities to the countryside and work on their writing projects. The unique blend of writing, movement, meditation, workshops and coaching will guide you day after day towards a state of flow. This will allow you to not only get a huge amount of writing done but also to establish healthy work routines and increase your productivity in the long term.

16.09.–18.09. Biographical-Documentary Theatre

This workshop takes the participants' narratives as the starting point for the artistic process. We will focus on personal and practice-oriented research to put the biographical material in a socio-political context and to test methods of fictionalization.

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