Bag Collection Design Course


Program Description

The main objective of the Bag Collection Design four-weeks course is to immerse participants in the process of creative development of a collection of bags. The course is targeted to students graduated in fashion schools, to professionals already working in the field of bags (both in bag brands or retailers) and to profiles with different backgrounds who intend to explore the possibility to pursue a career in the bag industry.

The first part of the course is dedicated to hand sketching and digital drawing, in order to give the students the basic tools to design and handbag collection. It is more important than ever to develop collections that are both commercially viable and efficient in terms of production. A new collection will have success if the new fashion trends are interpreted, construed and adapted to the specific competitive scenario and with an eye on business efficiency (investments in facilities, production costs). For young designers who decide to launch their own line, technicians and pattern-makers that feel the need for a better understanding of market dynamics, or product managers from structured companies with a tradition, the purpose of the course is to understand the handbag collection development process through the identification of a precise target audience, consistency between the supply of the product and the distribution channel, the correct price positioning and an appropriate choice of production processes and supply of materials.


4 weeks, 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday


During the first week of the course, participants will learn the basic concepts of the construction and hand drawing of different styles of bags. Initially participants will learn how to draw from a real bag. Thanks to the study of the proportions, students will be able to make a precise design of every single detail.

Part of the class time is dedicated to scale 1-to-1 design of bags, including different views and details of ornaments. Stiff, semi-rigid and soft bags are sketched during this first week.

The second week of the course will be dedicated to the use of Adobe Illustrator to create technical drawings and Photoshop to create illustrations of bags.

Initially we will explain the main basic functions of the two programs. Subsequently, starting from a hand sketch, we will teach you how to draw a precise technical bag with stitching details and accessories with Adobe Illustrator. Then we will move to inserting materials such as leather and fabrics and details needed for realistic illustration with Photoshop.

To take the course each student will have to carry a notebook with the Adobe software that will be used for the course (Photoshop and Illustrator, recommended version CS6).

During the third week we will address the processes of collection development: from market analysis to the application of the important activities of merchandising. So how to set up a collection and how to research your idea, both for the creative that wants to work in a company or that wants to realize their own line.

In particular, we will analyze structures of collection, families of products, materials and their applications. They will also explain the different activities and functions involved in the process for more structured realities. Timing of collection development from design to retail according to the timing of the sector and the moments of delivery within the A/W and S/S seasons.

Actual examples of merchandising plan from fashion companies are explained and analyzed. Some of the class time will be also dedicated to the importance of how to communicate your idea: we believe in fact the issue of communication a key link in this process.

During the last week students will work on a project that will be assigned to them. We will recreate the atmosphere of a typical style/product office of a leathergoods company. Students will work as a team to design collections and the creative part will be supported by the teachers.

This phase will stimulate students and their creativity, and will allow them to deal directly with all that they have acquired in previous lessons.

Last updated Jan 2018

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ARSUTORIA School has been organizing shoes and bags design and pattern making courses since 1947, courses globally recognized as the best ones to become fashion designers, able to combine design talen ... Read More

ARSUTORIA School has been organizing shoes and bags design and pattern making courses since 1947, courses globally recognized as the best ones to become fashion designers, able to combine design talent with technical knowledge of shoes and bags models. Read less