The various fields in engineering are related in that they all require a thorough understanding of basic scientific laws. Engineers apply scientific knowledge and principles to the design and operation of machines, to the selection of materials, to the environmental betterment of humankind, and to the economical use of personnel, money, and energy.

The Associate of Science in Engineering degree emphasizes the traditional core of engineering at the freshman and sophomore level. The program provides basic education in engineering with sufficient flexibility to allow students to transfer to a variety of four-year schools offering bachelor of science degrees in engineering. Students must successfully complete core courses with a “C-” or better to meet program requirements. Students planning to transfer to a four-year program may need to have additional hours beyond the program requirements at Northwest College in order to transfer in as a junior.

These students should consult with their advisor and the appropriate four-year college catalog.

Total General Education Requirements: 31-37 Credits

Three hours of Mathematics may be fulfilled by taking Core Courses.

Core Courses

The following courses are traditionally considered to be the core of the first two years of an engineering curricula, as dictated by the American Board of Engineering and Technology Education (ABET) and by the content of the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE).

  • ES 1000 - Orientation to Engineering (1)
  • ES 2110 - Statics (3)
  • ES 2120 - Dynamics (3)
  • MATH 2200 - Calculus I (5)
  • MATH 2205 - Calculus II (5)
  • MATH 2210 - Calculus III (5)
  • MATH 2310 - Applied Differential Equations I (3) (Capstone Course)

Total Core Courses: 25 Credits

Transfer and General Electives

Transfer and General Electives selected in consultation with advisor.

The student who plans to transfer to a four-year program in engineering will need to have additional hours beyond the program requirements at Northwest. These students should take courses from the following list of suggested electives in consultation with their advisors.

  • CHEM 1020 - General Chemistry I (5)
  • CHEM 1030 - General Chemistry II (4)
  • ENGL 2005 - Technical Writing (3)
  • ENTK 1500 - Engineering Graphics (3)
  • ENTK 2500 - Computer Aided Drafting I (3)
  • ENTK 2505 - Computer Aided Drafting II (3)
  • ENTK 2530 - Computer Aided Drafting 3-D (3)
  • ES 1060 - Introduction to Engineering Computing (3)
  • ES 2070 - Engineering Surveying (3)
  • ES 2210 - Electrical Circuit Theory (3)
  • ES 2310 - Thermodynamics (4)
  • ES 2330 - Fluid Dynamics/Mechanics (3)
  • ES 2410 - Mechanics of Materials (3)
  • PHYS 1310 - College Physics I (4)
  • PHYS 1320 - College Physics II (4)

Total Transfer and General Electives: 8-10 Credits

Minimum Credits for Degree = 64


Scholarships: New international students are able to apply for $500/year scholarships once they arrive on campus. Students may apply for larger scholarships their second year of attendance

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