Associate of Science in Biology

Northwest College

Program Description

Associate of Science in Biology

Northwest College

The study of biology includes courses designed to help students acquaint themselves with the structure and function of living organisms and to appreciate some of the ecological relationships existing in the world of life. The biology courses required in this program parallel those found at four-year institutions and should transfer without difficulty. Students must successfully complete core courses with a “C-” or better to meet program requirements. Recommended courses are designed to aid students in completing their four-year degrees. Students planning to transfer to a four-year program may need to have additional hours beyond the program requirements at Northwest College in order to transfer in as a junior. These students should consult with their advisor and the appropriate four-year college catalog.

Total General Education Requirements: 31-37 Credits

Eight hours of Science are fulfilled by taking Core Courses.

Core Courses (Required)

Eight hours of Science are fulfilled by taking Core Courses.

  • BIOL 1010 - General Biology I (4)
  • BIOL 2020 - General Biology II (4)
  • BIOL 2385 - Research/Life & Physical Sciences (3) (Capstone Course)


  • BIOL 2395 - Biological Research (1) (Capstone Course)

Total Core Courses: 9-11 Credits

Core Electives

Students must take 12 credits from the following list of approved courses.

  • BIOL 2023 - Biology of Plants and Fungi (Offered on demand) (4)
  • BIOL 2200 - Genetics (Offered on demand) (4) (offered alternate years)
  • BIOL 2400 - Ecology (Spring only) (3)
  • BIOL 2410 - Field Ecology Lab (Spring only) (1)
  • BOT 2050 - Taxonomy of Flowering Plants (Offered on demand) (4)
  • ENTO 1001 - Insect Biology (Offered on demand) (4)
  • MOLB 2210 - General Microbiology (4)
  • ZOO 2010 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
  • ZOO 2400 - Vertebrate Natural History (Spring only) (4)

Recommended Transfer and General Electives

General Electives selected in consultation with advisor.

Track I and Track II courses are designed to fulfill degree requirements at different four-year institutions.

Track I

Students seeking a degree more advanced than a Bachelor of Science should pursue Track I.

  • CHEM 1020 - General Chemistry I (5)
  • CHEM 1030 - General Chemistry II (4)
  • CHEM 2320 - Organic Chemistry I (4)
  • CHEM 2340 - Organic Chemistry II (4)
  • MATH 1450 - Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry (5)
  • MATH 2345 - Survey of Calculus (5)
  • PHYS 1110 - General Physics I (4)
  • PHYS 1120 - General Physics II (4)
  • STAT 2050 - Fundamentals of Statistics (4)

Track II

Students stopping at an associate of science or bachelor of science degree should follow Track II.

  • CHEM 1000 - Introduction to Chemistry (5)
  • CHEM 2300 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry (4)
  • MATH 1400 - College Algebra (4)
  • PHYS 1110 - General Physics I (4)
  • STAT 2050 - Fundamentals of Statistics (4)

Recommended General Electives for either Track

  • CO/M 1010 - Public Speaking (3)
  • PHIL 2420 - Critical Thinking (3)

Total Transfer and General Electives: 16-20 Credits

Minimum Credits for Degree = 64

Biology Education

For secondary education, to facilitate transfer to a four-year college as a junior, students planning to become middle school or high school biology teachers are encouraged to complete programs in both Secondary Education and Biology. Consult your advisor every semester when selecting courses.

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Scholarships: New international students are able to apply for $500/year scholarships once they arrive on campus. Students may apply for larger scholarships their second year of attendance

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