Associate of Science in Accounting


Program Description

Accounting and Finance Professionals are in high demand in nearly every corner of the business world, from manufacturing and real estate to construction and healthcare. The opportunities are numerous for students who want to pursue an accounting career, both at the clerical level and professional level.

The Accounting program at Mt. Sac will help prepare the student for jobs in various fields by acquiring skills in the following:

  • Quickbooks general ledger software;
  • Excel for accounting;
  • Interpretation and preparation of financial reports;
  • Tax planning and preparation;
  • Cost accounting, budgets, and forecast;
  • Financial planning and analysis;
  • Inventory and asset management;
  • Payroll;
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable.


Students will strengthen their knowledge of accounting laws and regulations, which will benefit any student who wants to work for or own a business.

The Accounting Program provides many opportunities for students to design a plan for their individual goals through certificate and degree achievements. The associate degree in accounting is intended to prepare students for employment following graduation. The student will learn basic accounting skills combined with in-depth training in a variety of accounting concepts, preparing the student for entry-level positions, professional advancement in their current job or transfer to a university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Earning an Accounting Associate of Science degree will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for accounting jobs in general accounting, cost accounting, payroll, inventory management, asset management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgets and forecasting, financial analysis, etc. Students who wish to transfer and obtain a bachelor’s degree should consult with a counselor or advisor to discuss the transferability of courses. This degree requires the completion of General Education coursework plus the following:

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be able to:

  • Describe the basic accounting system and how it is used to serve business needs;
  • Interpret accounting statements;
  • List and explain the foundations upon which business is built and the economic challenges facing the United States.


Work Experience

Title V of the California Education Code permits the college to extend the classroom beyond the campus to the workplace. Through the Work Experience program students are provided with an opportunity to earn academic credit while gaining hands-on experience in their career-related field under the guidance of industry professionals. Employers establish a cooperative relationship with the college, providing an opportunity to influence vocational education and address industry training needs. The instructor and the worksite supervisor act as “co-educators” to help the student define and achieve measurable learning objectives.

The Business Division currently offers Work Experience in the following disciplines:

  • Accounting (including Finance)
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Business Management (including Human Resources)
  • Child Development
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Security
  • Culinary Arts
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Fashion Merchandising & Retail
  • Hospitality & Restaurant Management
  • Interior Design
  • Marketing Management
  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Paralegal
  • Web Programming

Students enrolled in Work Experience may earn one unit of academic credit for every 60 unpaid or 75 paid hours of work per term, earning 1 to 4 units per term.

Minimum Hours Required
Units of Enrollment Non-Paid Paid
1 60 Hours 75 Hours
2 120 Hours 150 Hours
3 180 Hours 225 Hours
4 240 Hours 300 Hours

A combined maximum of sixteen units of Work Experience may be earned during a student’s academic career.

Work Experience courses align with the term:

  • Fall/Spring Semester = 16 weeks
  • Winter/Summer Semester = 6 weeks
  • Not all courses may be offered every term


Any person who is 18 years old and not currently enrolled in High School or any person possessing a high school diploma or its equivalent is eligible for admission to Mt. San Antonio College. Admission to Mt. San Antonio College includes the filing of an application for admission by the student and the filing of transcripts from high school or college(s) the student previously attended. It is the student’s responsibility to request official transcripts from the last high school attended and any college(s) attended. Transcripts will be reviewed to determine eligibility for courses at Mt. SAC.

Last updated Nov 2020

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