Associate of Science Degree - Education (Child Development)


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Program Description

San José City College offers an Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Science for Transfer (AST) degree, and various certificates in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Graduates of the Associate in Science degree qualify through academic preparation and field experience for work in child centers, pre-schools, daycare facilities, infant and toddler centers, and other programs serving young children. They are able to use instructional techniques, which promote intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and creative growth in children. After completing the Associate in Science degree, students will be eligible for the Teacher Level of the State of California Children’s Center Permit and qualify for employment as teachers in government and privately funded early care and education programs. Students planning to transfer to a 4-year university should follow the AS-T degree. A grade of “C” or better is required in all ECE majors, certificates, and major elective courses.

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Is studying early childhood education right for you?

There is no one "right" type of person who should study early childhood education (also known as child development) but research has shown that having some of the following characteristics contributes to success in working with children and families.

Early childhood educators work with children ages birth to eight in a variety of different types of programs.

The field of early childhood education or E.C.E. includes teachers and child care providers, family support workers, home visitors, parent educators, and more.

It is widely known that experiences in early childhood strongly affect human development. Those caring for and educating young children have a tremendous responsibility.

Major Requirements

  • ECE 101 Introduction to Curriculum - 3 units
  • *ECE 101B Practicum in Early Childhood Education - 3 units
  • ECE 102 Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children - 3 units
  • ECE 104 Art and Creativity for Children - 3 units
  • ECE 105 Language Development for Young Children - 3 units
  • ECE 107 Child, Family, and Community - 3 units
  • ECE 108 Health, Safety, and Nutrition in Child Care - 3 units
  • ECE 109 Music, Movement, and Rhythm Activities for Children - 3 units
  • FCS 070 Child Development 3 PSYCH 092 Developmental Psychology - 3 units

*ECE 101B must be taken at San José City College.

Approved Major Electives

Choose 6 units from the following:

  • ECE 016 Storytelling for Children - 2 units
  • ECE 017 Literacy Development in Children - 2 units
  • ECE 018 Children’s Literature - 2 units
  • ECE 020 Observation and Assessment Methods in ECE - 3 units
  • ECE 106 Administration and Supervision of Early Childhood Programs I - 3 units
  • ECE 110 Administration and Supervision of Early Childhood Programs II - 3 units
  • ECE 145 The Child with Special Needs - 3 units
  • ECE 146 Child Guidance and Discipline - 2 units
  • ECE 147 Teaching Young Children in a Diverse Society - 3 units
  • ECE 191 Infant Toddler Development - 3 units
  • ECE 195 The School-Age Child: Development, Behavior, Curriculum - 3 units
  • FCS 019 Nutrition - 3 units
  • PSYCH 010 General Psychology - 3 units

Major Requirements - 30 units
Approved Major Electives - 6 units
General Education Requirements - 24 units
Physical Activity - 1unit

Total Required Units - 60 units

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Early Childhood Education Program Student Learning Outcomes 

  • Analyze current requirements and standards for early childhood educators and early care and education programs.
  • Design daily schedules and classroom interactions with children consistent with current knowledge of child development.
  • Document and assess the needs of individual children in early care and education settings.
  • Plan and implement classroom-based activities consistent with a developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • Communicate effectively with children, parents, and coworkers verbally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical standards required to function successfully in early care and education programs.

ECE Career Options

  • Child Care Assistant
  • Child Care Associate Teacher
  • Child Care Teacher
  • Child Care Master Teacher
  • Child Care Site Supervisor
  • Infant Toddler Specialist
  • Children’s Center Teacher
  • Family Child Care Provider
  • Early Care Setting Program Director/Administrator

Admission Deadlines

Deadline Application Information
July 15, 2020

Fall 2020 Semester

Start Date: August 31, 2020

November 15, 2020

Spring 2021 Semester

Start Date: January 25, 2021

*We may continue to accept applications after the stated deadline on a case-by-case basis. Students in Partner English Language Programs may also apply after the deadline.

Tuition and Fees

Affordable Education Without Sacrificing Quality!

Completing a degree or beginning your university studies at San Jose City College is the most cost-effective way to obtain a quality education in the United States. Students take required courses similar to those offered at the university for the first two years but at a much lower cost.

The excellent value of a San Jose City College education without sacrificing quality makes studying here the best decision. 

International students are responsible for paying the tuition and fees directly to the college. International students are required to take a minimum of 12 units each semester. 

Expenses for One Academic Year:

Expenses Amount
Tuition & Other Fees $8,138
Estimated Books & Supplies $600
Mandatory Health Insurance $1,428
Estimated Living Expenses $9,900
Estimated Other Personal Expenses $2,072
Total Estimated Cost $22,138

The estimates above reflect expenses for the academic year 2020-2021 for a student taking 12-units per semester. Expenses are revised annually and are subject to legislative change without notice.

Last updated Jan 2021

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At San Jose City College we believe that each and every one of our students has a unique gift. We believe if you work hard and dedicate yourself to your goals, our talented faculty and staff can help ... Read More

At San Jose City College we believe that each and every one of our students has a unique gift. We believe if you work hard and dedicate yourself to your goals, our talented faculty and staff can help you unleash your brilliance to help you achieve your greatest aspirations. Read less