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Our campus has grown from a mere seven acres to a larger campus, comprised of eighteen buildings situated on 400 acres.

A University Parallel Associate Degree Program contains the first two years of a typical four-year college or university program. Students enrolled in this program are those who expect to transfer to another senior institution following their graduation from Hiwassee College. The Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree is awarded. The faculty and staff of Hiwassee College work closely with our students and with neighbouring colleges and universities to ensure smooth and accurate transfer of credits. The College maintains course-bycourse transfer equivalency tables with many four-year colleges and universities to ease transfer and to help the student and his/her adviser with academic program development. In consultation with advisers, students may design an individual program of study to suit their goals and interests in areas such as Allied Health, Business, Education, Liberal Arts, Music, Science, and Pre-Professional. The University Parallel Associate Degree Program offered by the College can be modified in order to better meet the needs of the student and to accommodate the requirements of the senior institution to which the student expects to transfer. However, in making any modifications in a curriculum, the student must be sure to complete all General Education courses required for graduation.



1030 - Music Appreciation

A survey of the history of music in Western Civilization including solo and folk instruments and ethnic and folk traditions. Includes music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and twentieth century. Three hours credit. Fall and Spring.

1115 - History of Rock

Historical overview of rock and roll music and how the socioeconomic and cultural factors in the twentieth century have shaped the music. Study and appreciation of rock music, its origins and development from 1890’s ragtime through present. Three hours credit. Spring. Offered as needed.

1200-1210 - Music Theory I and II

Basic understanding of the elements of notation, key signatures, scales, and the fundamentals of harmony through triads, seventh chords, modulations, and secondary dominants. Includes exercises in writing and analysis of music from Baroque through twentieth century. Must be taken in sequence. Students must pass written exam in order to register for this course or have prior consent of the instructor. Three hours credit each semester.

1220 - Fundamentals of Music

For those students who need remedial work in scales, note recognition, rhythm reading, and key signatures. Will be required of those who do not pass the entrance examination for Music Theory 1200. Three hours credit. Fall.

2120-2130 - Ear Training

Designed to develop proficiency in identifying melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic examples. Must be taken in sequence. One hour credit each semester.

2200-2210 - Music Theory III and IV

A continuation of Music 1200 and 1210 with emphasis placed on analyzation, partwriting, Neapolitan chords, augmented sixth chords, and other techniques used by composers from Baroque through twentieth century. Prerequisite: Music 1200 and 1210. Three hours credit each semester.

2910-2920 - History of Music

A comprehensive study of the development of music from the early Greeks and the early Christian church through the music of the twentieth century. Music 2910 covers music to 1750; Music 2920 covers music from 1750 through present. Primarily intended for music majors, but is open to other interested and qualified students. Courses must be taken in sequence. Three hours credit each semester.

2900/3900 - Special Topics

Designed for students who wish to study areas not offered in the regular curriculum or in addition to the regular offerings. Content varies. Usually three hours credit, but may vary. Not offered on a regular basis.

3380 - World Music

Examines music from an ethnomusicalogical perspective focusing on musical performance and the interrelationships of music, culture, and daily life. The course surveys music from a variety of cultures through a series of case studies. Three hours credit.

Real Life.

Hiwassee College is a place where learning comes in the classroom, but more importantly it comes from real-world experience. You may be surprised how little you see the desk in front of you. Learning is more than hands-on. It’s real life.


With every corner you turn, you will find adventure. Athletics your thing? We’ve got almost every sport available and are always looking for talented new athletes. More the outdoorsy type? Here, you may find yourself rafting down a river of rapids, hiking a challenging trail, or simply taking in the majesty of the beautiful countryside.

The following list of colleges and universities have verified that they will accept Hiwassee College’s credits either as direct transfer or case-by-case basis. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is an excellent set of options for students who are earning dual enrollment credits.

  • Brevard College
  • Bryan College
  • Carson-Newman University
  • Christian Brothers University
  • Clemson University
  • Cumberland University
  • East Tennessee State Univeristy
  • Emory & Henry College
  • Iowa Central Community College
  • Kentucky State University
  • Lincoln Memorial University
  • Maryville College
  • Milligan College
  • Samford University
  • St. Petersburg College
  • Tennessee Technological University
  • Tennessee Wesleyan College
  • Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Trine University
  • Tusculum College
  • University of the Cumberlands
  • University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville
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