Associate of Arts Degree in Styling

Top Associate of Arts Programs in Styling


An Associate of Arts, which may require about two years of full-time school to earn, is an academic program that can provide important skill development and increased work experience for graduates. Receiving an AA may also help graduates to receive more varied options for possible careers. 

What is an Associate of Arts in Styling? Styling programs help students to develop the knowledge, experience, and talents needed to work and succeed in the fashion world. Through classes such as market research, art direction, concept development, and visual communication, students gain an understanding of the history of fashion and styles, improve their technical skills in developing and redefining fashion products, and learn to create the visual aesthetic needed for photo shoots and live fashion shows.

By earning an AA in Styling, students improve their skills in presentation, creative development, and marketing, which may lead to lead to greater career advancement for graduates. Having a degree in styling may also help show potential employers that these individuals are dedicated and devoted to the fashion world.

Each school that offers an associate degree in styling will cost differently, as no two schools are exactly alike. For this reason, students need to research any AA programs thoroughly in order to fully comprehend the cost of their degree.

Graduates with an Associate of Arts in Styling can choose to work in fashion journalism, fashion marketing and research, or fashion design. Graduates may choose to work as a personal stylist for entertainment or media personalities, as a fashion merchandiser for retailers, or in retail locations as a merchandising stylist. Greater experience and certification may also be available for students who wish to further develop their industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Many schools offer traditional on-site classes as well as online programs in order to allow students to earn their degree in a convenient manner. To learn more, simply search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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