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If you are interested in gaining skills and knowledge in an arts subject, an Associate of Arts can give you what you need to succeed in entry-level positions in your desired field. These are often less intensive and expensive options than bachelor’s degrees but still provide proof of higher education.

What is an Associate of Arts in Drawing? If you’ve always had a sketchbook on hand or you are interested in graphic design, a drawing course can improve your techniques and show you new ones. Drawing, 2-D design, 3-D design, figure drawing, painting, color theory, and computer graphics are just a few of the topics you may see covered in such a program. Often, programs require you to create a portfolio as a final project, which can help you when finding employment.

You may have come in with a passion for drawing, but you are likely to leave with improved skills in coloring and technology, both of which are necessary in a modern arts world. Through understanding assignments, you may also learn communication skills that make it easier to understand a client’s needs and produce an appealing design.

Program length can very between schools, but an associate in drawing typically takes 1-2 years if you study full time. Since course requirements vary and locations differ, costs are equally as different. It might be useful to contact the schools you wish to attend to determine which options would work best for your budget.

Once you have your diploma in drawing, you may choose to work in studio arts, advertising, publishing, marketing, and many other industries that often utilize art. You may work as an illustrator, graphic designer, sketch artist, and animator. You have the option of opening your own studio to showcase your sketches and other art or sell your skills as a freelancer.

It is never too late to start your education or go back to finish it. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Glendale Community College

Course curriculum for either programs involves a wide spectrum of topics ranging from history of art, structure and principles of design, image generation and combination ... [+]

We offer a full certificate, with 7 areas of specialization.

Motion Graphic Design (2d digital animation) Animation Design 3d Digital Modeling 3d Texturing 3d Character Setup and Animation Digital Sculpture Video Game Design

Industry professionals will be teaching classes in all areas. All specialty areas are intended to be taken over a 4 semesters (for most students two years) and are aimed at providing students with entry level artist skills.

Career Summary

Animators use drawings, illustrations, software programs, and electronic tools to create visual imagery and affects for films, commercials, mobile devices, video games, and other forms of media. In the process, they may develop storyboards, plan and script animated narrative sequences, and assist with production coordination. Most animation artists work in motion picture, television, game design, and advertising industries. Animation has evolved into a truly global business. Top-quality animation is produced throughout the world in countries like Spain, France, Korea, Australia, and Russia. As a result, it has become a highly competitive job market, in which animation artists are judged by their portfolio, demonstrating their individual style, vision, and skills level. It is very much a “show me what you can do” profession. While natural talent and creative ability are an absolute must, they are only the starting point on the road to success. Whereas originally, animations technique were based on hand-drawn cells, nowadays, animation is largely dominated by computer-generated imagery (CGI). Therefore, specialized software knowledge and skills are essential for practically all jobs in the visual arts... [-]

USA Glendale
September 2019
2 years