Thank you for your interest in Northern's FDMA program. Our faculty are accomplished professionals who are dedicated to nurturing your artistic development and technical proficiency as a digital media artist and professional. Our courses have a low faculty to student ratio, where students develop strong relationships with faculty as mentors and with peers as creative partners.

In this program you will have the opportunity to make films, do sound design, music production, digital photography, visual effects, and digital images for print, web, and video. You will also have the opportunity to have hands on experience in professional production environments including local and regional film productions, internships with production companies, and with our local college TV station; Canal Seis. Our FDMA program works in collaboration and cross pollination with Northern's Music program, allowing students to write and produce original music.

FDMA Associate of Art

Associate of Arts in Film and Digital Media Arts

The two year AA FDMA Program is for students interested in pursuing a career in creative industries including Film, Television, Radio, Audio Production, Digital Photography, and Design. The Associative of Arts (AA) degree provides training for entry level Film and Digital Media technical positions, and a foundation for students seeking to transfer to a four year college or university.

This program is designed to maximize transfer of credit to a four-year college or university. In addition to a generous exposure to general education courses, you will concentrate your efforts in the Arts. When you successfully complete this program, you will be prepared for entry level Film and Digital Media technical positions, as well as matriculation to a four-year degree program in Film and Digital Media Arts.


Program Core Requirements (24 hrs)

  • FDMA 101 Intro to Digital Video Production (4)
  • FDMA 107 Digital Media Literacy (3)
  • FDMA 111 Digital Media Studies: Theory (4)
  • FDMA 211 Digital Media Studies: Practices (4)
  • FDMA 295 Digital Media Portfolio (3)
  • ART 122 Design Elements in Art (3)
  • ART 170 Photography I (3)

Choose 8-12 credit hrs from the following:

  • FDMA 102 Intro Digital Audio Documentary (4)
  • FDMA 110 Final Cut Pro: non-linear editing (4)
  • FDMA 115 Intro to Documentary Film making (4)
  • FDMA 120 Digital Music Production Techniques (4)
  • FDMA 125 Digital Audio Production (4)
  • FDMA 140 Digital Imaging I: Adobe Photoshop (4)
  • FDMA 155 Digital Animation I:3-D MAX (4)
  • FDMA 175 Web Design I (4)
  • FDMA 201 Advanced Digital Video Production (4)
  • FDMA 240 Digital Imaging II (4)
  • FDMA 255 Digital Animation II (4)
  • FDMA 275 Web Design II (4)
  • FDMA 280 History of Cinema (3)
  • FDMA 290 Multimedia (4) FTT 103 Film Crew I (9)
  • FTT 104 Film Crew II (9) FTT 105 Film Crew III (6)

Choose 3 credit hours from the following:

  • ART 110 Drawing I (3)
  • ART 120 Painting I (3)
  • MUS 102 Music Theory I (3)
  • THE 196 Light and Sound (3)
  • THE 132 Stagecraft (3)
  • THE 122 Acting I (3)
  • THE 124 Acting for the Camera (3)


FDMA Facilities

As an FDMA student, you will have access to industry standard film, audio, and digital imaging equipment, and software, and will be able to gain much needed hands on experience with these tools. Our facilities include an Apple iMac lab with 13 stations equipped with industry standard Adobe Creative Software, LightWorks, Final Cut Studio, Garage Band, Finale, and Sibelius. Our edit suites support Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Lightworks, and Final Cut Studio. Our recording studio is equipped with Pro Tools, Logic, Garage Band, and Soundtrack Pro.

Program taught in:
  • English

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