The Dale Mabry Campus offers courses in Introduction to Education, Teaching Diverse Populations, and Introduction to Educational Technology. Student's seeking to obtain an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Education/Teacher Preparation should select electives based on common program prerequisites for the intended upper division major. This transfer track is for students who want to pursue a four-year degree in education. Consult the appropriate advising guide on the HCC website at Students planning to become classroom teachers must have a standard high school diploma or a GED. NOTE 1: The list is a guideline. Consult an advisor or counselor for general education and recommended courses/electives for this transfer track, or consult the appropriate advising guide on the HCC website ( NOTE 2: †IDS 2891, Connections is required for graduation. NOTE 3: Students must select at least one course in biological science and one course in physical science. At least one science must be a CORE option. NOTE 4: Common Course Prerequisites recommended by the State for successful transfer to the university are marked with an asterisk (*). NOTE 5: The associate in arts degree may be awarded upon satisfactory completion of 60 credit hours. Students are advised to complete the below-planned program in order to transfer into a similar program at senior institutions. YEAR I First Semester

  • ANT 1000 Introduction to Anthropology or
    †PSY 2012, General Psychology or
    †SYG 2000, Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.
  • *†EDF 1005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession 3 cr.
  • †ENC 1101 English Composition I 3 cr.
  • †MAC 1105 College Algebra 3 cr.

Second Semester

  • *†EDF 2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators 3 cr.
  • †ENC 1102 English Composition II 3 cr.
  • †MGF 1106 Topics in Mathematics 3 cr.
  • †SPC 1608 Public Speaking 3 cr.

Third Semester

  • †ARH 1000 Introduction to Visual Art or
    HUM 1020, Introduction to Humanities or
    LIT 2000, Introduction to Literature or
    †MUL 1010, Introduction to Music or

    †PHI 1010, Introduction to Philosophy or
    THE 1000, Introduction to Theatre Arts 3 cr.
  • Behavioral Science/History/Economics General Education 3 cr.
  • **International or Diversity Focused Elective 3 cr.

YEAR II First Semester †MGF 1107 Explorations in Mathematics 3 cr. Biological Science CORE General Education 3-4 cr. History General Education 3 cr. Electives 6 cr. Second Semester

  • *†EME 2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators 3 cr.
  • Humanities General Education 3 cr.
  • Physical Science CORE General Education 3-4 cr.
  • **International or Diversity Focused Elective 3 cr.

**Select 6 credit hours from the following international or diversity-focused courses (Any approved general education course previously listed, but not used to satisfy another general education requirement may be used to fulfill this area.)

  • AFA 1000 Introduction to Black Studies 3 cr.
  • †ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology 3 cr.
  • *ANT 2410 Cultural Anthropology 3cr.
  • †ARH 1000 Understanding Visual Art3 cr.
  • ARH 1050 Art History I 3 cr.
  • ARH 1051 Art History II 3 cr.
  • DAN 2100 Introduction to Dance 3 cr.
  • †HUM 2210 World Humanities: Prehistory to Early Modern Era 3 cr.
  • †HUM 2230 World Humanities: Early Modern to Contemporary 3cr.
  • HUM 2410 Asian Humanities 3 cr.
  • HUM 2420 African Humanities 3 cr.
  • HUM 2461 Latin-American Humanities 3 cr.
  • LAH 2020 Survey of Latin-American History 3 cr.
  • †MUL 1010 Introduction to Music 3 cr.
  • †PHI 1010 Introduction to Philosophy 3 cr.
  • PHI 1100 Elementary Logic 3 cr.
  • †PHI 1600 Ethics 3 cr.
  • †PSY 2012 General Psychology 3 cr.
  • †REL 2300 Introduction to Religion 3 cr.
  • †SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.
  • THE 1000 Introduction to Theatre Arts 3 cr.

†Courses symbolized above with a dagger (†) are offered online in addition to the traditional delivery method. Online availability may vary by academic term.

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  • English

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