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An Associate of Applied Science is a degree path many students take instead of or before earning a bachelor’s degree. The Associate of Applied Science is typically more oriented toward gaining knowledge for a specific career than some other types of associate degrees.

What is an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is a field of study that encompasses the elements of traditional marketing and applies them to the digital world. Students may learn to develop social media strategies and media manipulation tactics to engage with audiences through popular digital platforms. Courses in this subject may include basic business or communications topics and might also focus on marketing tactics like social media campaigns and effective web design. Other courses may cover topics such as computers and digital software.

Strong interpersonal communication and leadership are traits found in great digital marketers. Earning a degree in this field can also help students become more perceptive to details. Students may also find themselves exploring creativity and developing innovative ways of tackling various challenges.

The cost of any degree program varies depending on multiple factors. An associate degree from a community college is typically much cheaper than one earned at a major university, and one community college may cost more than another. Students should always research individual schools for accurate tuition information.

Students with an education in digital marketing have a variety of careers to consider, and some may even consider entering fields of marketing outside the digital arena. As more brands and corporations are logging into social media networks, the position of social media manager is increasingly sought after by digital marketing students. Other possible job titles include campaign designer, web analytics specialist and web designer.

Associate degrees are typically available at most community colleges and some universities. These programs may help students pursue their career and educational goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Western Iowa Tech Community College

The Digital Marketing assists in the design and development of social media strategy utilizing various media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). The curriculum focuse ... [+]

The Digital Marketing assists in the design and development of social media strategy utilizing various media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). The curriculum focuses on management of social media campaigns, engagement of social communities, development of content for reputable brand management ensuring positive consumer experience using integrated marketing promotions.

This program also included a capstone project that allows students to gain practical hands on experience. They will collaborate with other creative programs to seamlessly integrate design solutions to meet complex marketing challenges.

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USA Sioux City
September 2019
2 years