Students can complete their first two years of study at Moraine Valley for virtually any bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university. Each of the Moraine Valley’s associate degrees—Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.), Associate in General Studies (A.G.S.), and Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.)—are a combination of core general education courses and major-specific electives. For a successful transfer, students must consider which four-year college or university they wish to attend and will need to select coursework carefully. Moraine Valley academic advisors are available to help students develop an individual educational plan.

Associate in Science Degree—62 Credit Hours

Curriculum Code 1300

This program is designed for students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in the areas of accounting, finance, general business, management, or marketing. Students interested in business as a four-year major are encouraged to complete the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree prior to transfer. These course recommendations are intended for students who are undecided about a transfer school. Students who have selected a transfer school should consult the catalog of that school and an academic advisor for requirements appropriate to the first two years of study.

Required General Education Core Curriculum—39 or 40 credit hours as follows:

Communication—9 credit hours

  • COM-101 Composition I 3
  • COM-102 Composition II 3
  • COM-103 Speech Fundamentals 3

Mathematics—4 or 5 credit hours

  • MTH-145 Calculus for Business & Social Science 4


  • MTH-150 Calculus I/Analytic Geometry 5

Math requirements vary at four-year institutions.

Physical and Life Sciences—8 credit hours

Choose four credit hours from

  • BIO-111 General Biology I 4
  • BIO-112 General Biology II 4
  • BIO-119 Introductory Microbiology 4
  • NAT-111 Environmental Science I 4
  • NAT-112 Environmental Science II 4

Choose four credit hours from

  • CHM-111 Fundamentals of Chemistry 4
  • CHM-131 Chemistry (University Oriented) I 4
  • EAS-120 Introduction to Earth Science 4
  • EAS-125 Introduction to Weather and Climate 4
  • EAS-130 Severe and Hazardous Weather 4
  • GEL-150 Physical Geology 4
  • PHS-101 Physical Science 4
  • PHS-103 Descriptive Astronomy 4
  • PHY-106 Fundamentals of Physics 3


  • PHY-107 Fundamentals of Physics Lab 1
  • PHY-110 Mechanical Universe I 3


  • PHY-111 Mechanical Universe I Lab 1
  • PHY-150 Mechanics, Heat & Sound 4
  • PHY-203 Mechanics 4

Each of the Physical and Life Science courses shown above has a one-hour laboratory component included within the course structure and contact hours, with the exception of PHY-106/ PHY-107 and PHY-110/ PHY-111.

Humanities and Fine Arts—9 credit hours

Choose three credit hours from

  • ARB-202 Arabic IV 4
  • FRE-202 French IV 4
  • HUM-101 Western Humanities I: Foundations 3
  • HUM-102 Western Humanities II: Continuities 3
  • HUM-115 World Mythology 3
  • HUM-120 Women in the Humanities 3
  • HUM-135 African & Middle Eastern Humanities 3


  • HUM-140 Asian and Oceanic Humanities 3


  • HUM-145 Native American Humanities 3
  • LIT-213 American Literature I 3
  • LIT-214 American Literature II 3
  • LIT-215 Bible as Literature I 3


  • LIT-216 Bible as Literature II 3
  • LIT-217 Introduction to Poetry 3
  • LIT-218 Introduction to Drama 3
  • LIT-219 Women in Literature 3
  • LIT-220 Introduction to Fiction 3
  • LIT-221 English Literature I 3
  • LIT-222 English Literature II 3
  • LIT-223 Western Literature I 3
  • LIT-224 Western Literature II 3
  • LIT-225 Shakespeare 3
  • LIT-226 Literature of the Non-Western World 3


  • LIT-228 Latin American Literature 3
  • LIT-227 Literature as Film 3
  • LIT-230 African American Literature 3
  • PHI-101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
  • PHI-111 Critical Thinking 3
  • PHI-120 World Religions 3
  • PHI-125 Ethics 3
  • PHI-200 Philosophy of Religion 3
  • SPA-202 Spanish IV 4
  • SPA-213 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures 3

PHI-125: Recommended

Choose three credit hours from

  • ART-110 Art Appreciation 3
  • ART-205 Survey of Art I 3
  • ART-206 Survey of Art II 3


  • ART-208 Survey of Art III 3
  • ART-209 Survey of Non-Western Art 3
  • HUM-101 Western Humanities I: Foundations 3
  • HUM-102 Western Humanities II: Continuities 3
  • HUM-120 Women in the Humanities 3
  • HUM-135 African & Middle Eastern Humanities 3


  • HUM-140 Asian and Oceanic Humanities 3


  • HUM-145 Native American Humanities 3
  • LIT-227 Literature as Film 3
  • MUS-106 Introduction to American Music 3
  • MUS-107 Music Appreciation 3
  • THE-105 Theater Appreciation 3
  • THE-107 Film Appreciation 3
  • THE-110 History of the Theatre 3
  • THE-111 History of Film 3

Choose an additional three credit hours from any of the courses above.

Foreign Language Requirement: Some universities have a foreign language requirement. Generally, four years of a single foreign language in high school or four semesters of language in college will fulfill this requirement. It is recommended that students complete the entire foreign language sequence at one institution.

Social and Behavioral Sciences—9 credit hours

  • ECO-101 Principles of Macro-Economics 3
  • ECO-102 Principles of Micro-Economics 3

Choose an additional three credit hours from

  • ANT-201 Introductory Physical Anthropology 3
  • ANT-202 Intro. to Cultural Anthropology 3
  • ANT-210 Introduction to Archaeology 3
  • GEO-101 Cultural Geography 3


  • GEO-102 World Regional Geography 3
  • GEO-201 Economic Geography 3
  • HIS-101 Western Civilization I 3
  • HIS-102 Western Civilization II 3
  • HIS-201 American History I 3
  • HIS-202 American History II 3
  • HIS-210 History of Asia 3
  • HIS-215 History of Africa 3
  • HIS-220 History of Latin America 3
  • PSC-103 Introduction to Political Science 3
  • PSC-110 American National Government 3
  • PSC-115 State and Local Government 3
  • PSC-210 International Relations 3
  • PSC-215 Comparative Government 3
  • PSC-225 Non-Western Comparative Politics 3
  • PSC-245 Politics of the Middle East 3
  • PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 3
  • PSY-104 Life-Span Developmental Psychology 3
  • PSY-105 Child Psychology 3
  • PSY-106 Adolescent Psychology 3
  • PSY-202 Social Psychology 3
  • PSY-210 Adult Psychology 3
  • SOC-101 General Sociology 3
  • SOC-102 Marriage & Family 3
  • SOC-204 Soc of Contemp Social Problems 3
  • SOC-210 Minority Groups 3
  • SOC-215 Sociology of Sex and Gender 3
  • SSC-101 Social Science I 3

Additional Degree Requirement—3 credit hours

Required Course

  • IMS-115 Microsoft Office I 3

Area of Concentration/Major Field—12 credit hours

Required Courses

  • BUS-142 Financial Accounting 4
  • BUS-143 Managerial Accounting 4
  • MTH-212 Statistics for Business 4

Electives—7 or 8 credit hours

The following courses might be accepted by four-year schools in place of an equivalent course in the business major. Students should consult the catalog of the intended transfer school to determine the most appropriate courses for this major.

Required Courses

  • BUS-100 Introduction to Business 3
  • BUS-110 Legal Environment in Business 3


  • BUS-136 Business Law 3

The program(s) of study listed above is a model for students who are undecided about a transfer institution and uncertain about specific course requirements. This model transfer major is structured as a recommendation from the Illinois Community College Board for the Illinois Articulation Initiative Baccalaureate Major (I.A.I. Major).

Students who already know their intended transfer institution should refer to that school’s catalog. In any case, students are strongly encouraged to work with a Moraine Valley academic advisor for specific course selection advice and transfer planning support.

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