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About the Program

If you are a creative person who likes to express yourself artistically, a degree in the art could lead to the perfect career for you.

In this program, you’ll grow your passion and appreciation for art, while completing the foundational courses required to transfer to a four-year university, college or art school. You’ll develop your artistic skills and techniques through faculty instruction and hands-on studio work in ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking or sculpture.

Whether you want to become a professional artist, an art teacher, an art curator or an art administrator, earning a fine arts degree can help you transform your artistic talent into a career.

Program Version for Summer 2019

The Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) program offers a solid foundation of art courses and some general undergraduate requirements for the student intending to pursue a liberal arts degree or a Fine Arts degree (B.F.A.) at a four-year institution or for the student who will transfer to a professional art school. The A.F.A. prepares students to transfer to a four-year institution with a minimum of 90 credits, which include many general university requirements. Art schools and university art departments may require that portfolios be submitted for admission into art programs. The A.F.A. provides the student with an opportunity to prepare a portfolio of original work. In addition, the A.F.A. provides the student with an opportunity to develop his/her skills and explore various avenues of creative image making.

Faculty coaching of the studio and academic work is essential for this degree. At least 30 credits in art must be earned at Spokane Falls Community College, including the final quarter of the program. A cumulative grade point of 2.0 or better must be maintained. Students should meet with their art adviser to review the catalog and/or transfer manual of the school to which they plan to transfer before selecting courses.

Contact the SFCC Art Department for articulated A.F.A. agreements with Washington State University and The Evergreen State College.

Course of Study

The faculty recommends that you take one additional studio class during the first, fourth, fifth and sixth quarters to build a stronger portfolio.

Not all art classes are offered every quarter. Please contact the art department for course offerings.

Detailed Information

Fine Art Studios

Shared supplies are available in the studio and are normally included in your tuition. An additional studio fee will be assessed in classes that use a large volume of these supplies or require special materials. You are responsible for bringing other supplies needed for individual work.


  • ART& 100 — Art Appreciation — 5.0 Credits
  • ART 101 — Fundamentals of Drawing — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 102 — Drawing Composition — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 103 — Drawing Techniques — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 105 — Color and Design — 5.0 Credits
  • ART 106 — 3-D Design — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 108 — Ancient/Medieval Art — 5.0 Credits
  • ART 109 — Renaissance/Baroque Art — 5.0 Credits
  • ART 110 — Modern Art — 5.0 Credits
  • ART 112 — Non-Western Art — 5.0 Credits
  • ART 122 — Health and Safety in Art — 1.0 Credits
  • ART 127 — Visual Arts Special Workshops — 1.0-15.0 Credits
  • ART 130 — Sculpture — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 147 — Advanced Design — 3.0 Credits
  • ART 160 — Matting and Framing — 1.0 Credits
  • ART 161 — Portfolio I — 1.0 Credits
  • ART 180 — Watercolor — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 186 — Oil Painting — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 188 — Acrylic Painting — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 189 — Printmaking — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 190 — Printmaking Relief — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 191 — Screen Printing — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 192 — Printmaking, Intaglio — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 194 — Jewelry — 3.0 Credits
  • ART 197 — Art Mediums and Techniques — 3.0 Credits
  • ART 201 — Experimental Drawing — 3.0 Credits
  • ART 202 — Figure Drawing — 3.0 Credits
  • ART 205 — Ceramics — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 206 — Advanced Ceramics — 4.0 Credits
  • ART 260 — Gallery Procedures — 1.0 Credits
  • ART 261 — Exhibit — 1.0 Credits

Learning Outcomes

  • An A.F.A. graduate will be able to do the following:
  • Transfer to a four-year institution or professional art school.
  • Develop a portfolio for the transfer institution which will highlight the best work completed at SFCC emphasizing originality, facility, and exploration in several mediums.
  • Develop enhanced critical thinking, judgment, and problem-solving skills.
  • Contribute creatively to the regional art community.
  • Participate in a culminating gallery exhibition.

Career Opportunities

Careers available to artists holding bachelors and master's degrees are varied, exciting and rewarding. The A.F.A. offers the SFCC graduate a broad foundation to pursue either advanced education or a career in art.

Some specific career opportunities include professional artist (gallery artist), art education, curatorial arts and restoration, art administration, art marketing and sales, art therapy, art history and criticism, art consultant, and art paralegal.


Sixth Quarters


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Last updated Sep 2019

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