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Program Description

Why Choose MMCC?

Business is booming. A Business Degree is one of the most flexible degrees you can hold, opening doors to numerous career fields, from marketing to human resources to administration. Our associate degrees allow students to enter managerial or sales roles or continue to a four-year program while saving thousands of their advanced degrees. Employers appreciate associate degree holders, noting that they often require less training than other new graduates and that they come equipped with practical skills. We offer two pathways, depending on whether students want to enter the workforce in two years (when attending full time) or whether they want to transfer to a university or college. Faculty with connections. To be successful in business, you must form meaningful connections, solve problems, focus on the big picture, and motivate. Our instructors use these same skills in their classrooms. Many of our instructors have previous or current careers in business-related fields, so they bring real-life experiences into their courses. And, they stay connected to business trends to provide relevant and meaningful content, adapting how and what they teach to reflect today's business world. Launch your bachelor degree with our Business Studies Transfer. 3+1 Programs: 3 Years at MMCC, 1 Year Beyond You can complete 3/4 of your Bachelor in Business Administration degree at MMCC, saving you $54,000-$62,000 on your Northwood University degree, and $7,000-$16,000 on your Eastern Michigan University degree. Majors include:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Health Care Management

2+2 Programs: 2 Years at MMCC, 2 Years Beyond We also have some partnerships with universities that allow students to complete our transfer degree and enter their four-year university program of choice with only two years remaining. Our transfer advisors will help you build the road map to successful transfer. Students save, on average, $11,000-$16,000 in tuition by completing their first two years at MMCC.

Career Information

Graduates with a business education may enter many different careers including accounting, advertising, economics, finance, general business, management, marketing, human resources, industrial relations, and public administration. Depending on the organization in which they work, they may become generalists or specialists. Management: developing strategies and policies to ensure that an organization's goals and objectives are met, directing operations. Includes a wide range of roles, whether it's as the superintendent of a school or park, or the chief executive officer of a large corporation. Retail: providing quality goods and services directly to customers and answering customer inquiries and complaints in establishments such as car dealerships, grocery or department stores, specialty shops, and others. Marketing/advertising/public relations: marketing a firm's products or services profitably, coordinating market research, developing a marketing strategy, determining the demand for and potential sales of products and services offered by a firm and its competitors, monitoring sales, proposing advertisements and promotions, developing pricing or products, using available communications media to direct publicity programs to a targeted audience. A person might perform just one of these functions, act as the liaison between a small company and the outside agency to which these functions are contracted out, or oversee the in-house departments that provide all these services in a larger firm. Human resources: helping organizations attract the most qualified employees and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited, recruiting and interviewing new employees, providing advice on hiring decisions according to policies established in conjunction with top management, helping to improve morale and limit turnover by providing training and boosting employee satisfaction with jobs and working conditions.

Job/Career Outlook

Your pay and career outlook will depend on the field of business you enter and where you work.

Degrees & Program Pathways

Suggested Sequence of Courses First Semester (Fall) 18 Credit Hours

  • BUS 122 (3) Management Theory & Practice
  • BUS 151 (3) Introduction to Business Issues
  • CIS 100 (3) Introduction to Information Systems
  • MAT 105 (3) Intermediate Algebra or MAT 116 (3) Business Math I
  • BIS 140 (3) Beginning Word Processing/Keyboarding
  • BUS 153 (3) Business Law

Second Semester (Winter) 16 Credit Hours

  • ACC 201 (4) Financial Accounting
  • BUS 162 (3) Principles of Marketing
  • CIS 130 (3) Applications with Microcomputers
  • ENG 111 (3) Freshman English Composition
  • SPE 101 (3) Fundamentals of Communication
  • OR SPE 257 (3) Public Speaking

Third Semester (Fall) 16 Credit Hours

  • ACC 211 (4) Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 231 (3) Principles of Advertising
  • ECO 201 (3) Principles of Economics (Macro) OR ECO 202 (3) Principles of Economics (Micro)
  • HUM 200 (3) Modernity & Culture OR HUM 253 (3) American Culture
  • BUS 225 (3) International Business

Fourth Semester (Winter) 16 Credit Hours

  • BUS 255 (3) Entrepreneurial Finance
  • BUS 289 (1) Business Practicum
  • BUS 291 (3) Business Internship
  • BIS 264 (3) Business Communications II
  • SCI 200 (3) Science, Technology & Society
  • SSC 200 (3) The Social Sciences & Contemporary America
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MMCC offers a start that provides something rich and unique. Whether you’re looking to save money on your four-year or advanced educational plans, you’re coming back to college as a non-traditional st ... Read More

MMCC offers a start that provides something rich and unique. Whether you’re looking to save money on your four-year or advanced educational plans, you’re coming back to college as a non-traditional student, or you want to enter into a career in two years or less through one of our trade, technical, or occupational programs, we’re confident that you’ll Get More at Mid. Read less
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