Anthropologists study our species throughout time, focusing on our diverse modern culture and cultural adaptations, our biological classification as a species, and our inclusion in the Order Primates, and our species’ past developments, including our first steps to our first civilizations. The goal of Anthropology is to study the similarities and differences in biological and cultural adaptations and features across the globe throughout our human history.

Anthropology is a holistic discipline, which means that anthropologists study all aspects of human behavior. This includes Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, and Linguistics.

Recommended High School Preparation

Preparatory courses including history, English, mathematics, and foreign languages

Career opportunities

  • Archaeological technicians
  • museum managers,
  • forensic specialists
  • primatologists
  • zoo curators


  • demonstrate understanding of the processes of science, the scientific method, and the relationship between scientific research and established knowledge.
  • speak clearly about anthropology demonstrating knowledge of basic anthropological terminology and concepts.
  • write essays explaining anthropological processes in clear and concise terms.
  • demonstrate content knowledge in the broad areas of anthropology, including evolution, culture, genetics, archaeology, and human evolution.
  • reach and express logical conclusions drawn on anthropological data.
Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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