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An associate degree is achieved after approximately two years of studying at the undergraduate level. This degree is typically offered in a wide variety of disciplines, including those that fall within both the sciences and the humanities.

What is an associate degree in media and communication? Media and communication can cover a wide range of topics including journalism, advertising, television, radio, film and graphic design. Any of the ways that you can communicate ideas to people falls under this broad heading. Classes may include writing; web design; graphic design; public relations; marketing; and television, radio and film production. You may choose a program that is specifically directed to one of these or one that is more general and gives you the opportunity to try a greater variety. Within each of these headings one often may choose to further differentiate as well, such as copy writing or print design.

A degree in media and communication often helps graduates acquire skills, such as the ability to communicate ideas well, that are transferable to almost all industries. Effective communication is usually essential to succeeding in daily life as well.

The cost of achieving an associate degree in media and communications may depend on the individual program that you choose and where it is located. There may be many online programs that can help you to reduce some of your costs.

Depending on what area you chose to specialize in, the potential employers include newspapers, magazines, publishing companies, consulting companies, radio and television stations, film companies, public relations firms and advertising agencies. Among the types of positions, it may help prepare people for journalist, copywriter, news anchor, public relations specialist, press agent, speech writer, graphic designer, web designer and media analyst.

Learning to communicate effectively is a life skill that may never go to waste. For more information on how you can get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley

Multimedia Art and Technology - Canada & CSM ... [+]

Below, you can find the courses you need to take to complete your degree or certificate program.

Multimedia Art and Technology - Cañada

Minimum Credits Required: 24

CORE REQUIREMENTS: 18 UNITS Introduction to Computer Graphics 3 Credits in MART 314 Web Design I 3 Credits in MART 368 Digital Illustration 3 Credits in MART 372 Digital Imaging I 3 Credits in MART 376 Digital Animation I: Flash 3 Credits in MART 379 Multimedia Careers 1.5 Credits in MART 389 Portfolio Creation 1.5 Credits in MART 390 SELECTIVE REQUIREMENTS: 6 UNITS

Select 3 Units from the Following

3 Credits in ART 214 or 303

Select 3 Units from the Following... [-]

USA San Mateo
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