Associate Degree in General Management

Top Associate Degrees in General Management

General Management

Earning an associate degree often requires 60 semester or 90 quarter credit hours of study. The time to complete the degree differs based on coursework required by individual institutions.

You may be wondering, what is an associate degree in general management? This program typically equips students with comprehensive knowledge and skills relating to practical business theory, such as human resources management, accounting, sales, marketing and finance. Opportunities also exist to learn about market assessment, professional communication and internet-based businesses. Some curricula include externships or internships to help students gain work experience before joining the job market. Coursework may include sales psychology, web design, market research, business mathematics and advertising.

Associate degree programs offer students many benefits. For instance, graduates tend to have excellent business management skills, such as exceptional oral and written communication abilities. This degree program further develops those talents, which could be beneficial in their personal and professional lives.

The cost of earning an associate degree differs depending on the country of study, university and program length. To understand the costs related to the program of your choice, contact the admissions office of the institution offering the degree.

This program may prepare graduates for many entry-level business careers across several industries, such as private corporations, advertising and marketing agencies, and accounting firms. Job opportunities in the non-profit, private and government sectors include market researcher, administrative assistant, sales associate, public relations specialist, office assistant, advertising associate and customer service representative. Some students decide to further their education by applying the credits toward earning a bachelor’s degree.

International educational facilities offer distance learning modules for busy professionals to make enrollment easier, particularly for those with little access to a school. Online classes may be taken on a full- or part-time basis, allowing flexibility and convenience. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by billing in the lead form.

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