Associate Degree in Marketing


Program Description

Marketing, A.S.

Program Design

The Marketing associate degree program is for students who wish to enter managerial or proprietary positions in marketing. To complete this program, students will take courses in marketing, business, accounting and general education.

Students interested in transferring to earn a bachelor’s degree should enroll in the Accounting and Business Administration Transfer Program.

Note: Students should meet with a faculty advisor to plan their program of study.


We recommend that students have a sound foundation in mathematics before entering this program. We recommend that all students take the assessment test early to determine their mathematical level. Students must achieve at least a C or better in all accounting courses to continue onto the next level. Note: all business courses numbered 100 or higher require that students must be eligible for ENG 101, with the exception of BBG 101. Students are strongly advised to follow the suggested order of courses in the program whenever possible.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Marketing degree program requirements, graduates will

  1. Demonstrate relevant content knowledge in required core business disciplines (accounting, business law, management and organizational behavior, and marketing) and apply concepts in problem solving through identifying and evaluating alternative solutions and offering a well-supported conclusion.
  2. Recognize proper business acumen and decorum in professional interactions; demonstrate appropriate interpersonal communication and presentation skills and demeanor; demonstrate the ability to use presentation and team interpersonal skills effectively in class presentations.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to identify situations that present ethical dilemmas and lapses and understand and apply the concepts related to ethics and the social responsibilities of businesses in order to respond thoughtfully.
  4. Apply concepts in core accounting and business disciplines and demonstrate critical thinking skills to make sound business decisions.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships between accounting and business courses.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to effectively present marketing and promotion plans and to make an effective sales presentation, all of which reflect an understanding of the target audience, environmental factors, and sound strategic decisions based on thorough research and an understanding of marketing and other business-related principles.

In addition, the graduate will complete the comprehensive learning outcomes identified with the General Education Core.

Marketing Requirements

  • ACC* 115: Financial Accounting 4 Credits
  • BBG* 101: Introduction to Business 3 Credits
  • ENG* 101: Composition 3 Credits (Gen Ed - English)
  • BFN* 111: Financial Literacy 3 Credits or
  • Business Elective 3 credits
  • COM* 173: Public Speaking 3 Credits (Gen Ed - Humanities) or
  • COM* 172: Interpersonal Communication 3 Credits or
  • ENG* 110: Introduction to Literature 3 Credits

Subtotal: 16

  • ACC* 117: Principles of Managerial Accounting 3 Credits
  • BMG* 202: Principles of Management 3 Credits
  • Choose one course from Gen Ed - Mathematics 3 Credits ‡‡
  • Choose any General Education course 3 Credits
  • ECN* 101: Principles of Macroeconomics 3 Credits (Gen Ed - Social Sciences)

Subtotal: 16

  • BMK* 201: Principles of Marketing 3 Credits
  • BMG* 204: Managerial Communication 3 Credits
  • COM* 172 or COM* 173 or COM* 201 or DGA* 111 or DGA* 240 or Business Elective 3 Credits
  • BBG* 234: Legal Environment of Business 3 Credits
  • Choose one course from Gen Ed - The Arts 3 Credits ‡‡‡

Subtotal: 15

  • BMK* 220: Sales 3 Credits
  • Choose one course from Gen Ed - Physical and Natural Sciences 3-4 Credits ‡‡‡‡
  • Any ACC* or BBG* or BFN* or BMG* or BMK* or BES* course 3 Credits
  • Select elective courses from list below ‡‡‡‡‡ 3 Credits
  • BMG* 210: Organizational Behavior 3 Credits or
  • PSY* 247: Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3 Credits

Subtotal: 15-16

Total Credits Required: 61-62


Any students planning to transfer to other colleges should meet with an MCC academic advisor or faculty advisor and consult the admissions requirements at their chosen transfer institution to plan their program of study.

‡ Students who receive credit for QM 110 have fulfilled the BBG* 108 requirement.

‡‡ Recommend MAT* 138 or higher.

‡‡‡ ART 101, ART 102, MUS 101, MUS 102, and ART* 206 are recommended by most baccalaureate institutions for Mode 1.

‡‡‡‡ A four-credit laboratory science is recommended by most baccalaureate institutions for Mode 5.

‡‡‡‡‡ Electives include Honors Capstone, Co-op Experience, General Education, or any free elective

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