Art and Design Pathway Program in Italy


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Program Description

If you are looking to enroll in Art and Design undergraduate degrees in the best universities and design academies in Italy, you will need to learn the Italian language and develop a few essential art skills.

The Pathway Program offers you the opportunity to improve your academic skills in an encouraging environment, boosting your knowledge and skills in the area of art, design, fashion and architecture, while living in Italy and creating your personal portfolio. The Pathway Program is a fully recognized program which grants direct admission to the degree programs at MADE Fine Arts and Design Academy, together with the Italian Ministry of Education academic credit. The Pathway Program also prepares students for admission to any university and design school in Italy.

The ideal preparation for your undergraduate degree in Arts and Design in Italy.

The pathway program is a 9-month course that includes 600 hours of classes, encompassing an exam preparation course, arts and design hands-on workshops, and cultural guided tours and excursions.

Having successfully completed the program, students will obtain the B2 CILS certification (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language - Upper Intermediate Level) and receive the academic titles for enrolment into Italian undergraduate degree programs, legally accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education.


Art & Design (English-taught)

20 Credits | 160 Hours

  • Intro to Architecture and Design
  • History of Italian Art
  • Italian Society through Cinema
  • Pathway workshops in Art and Design

Italian Language

40 Credits | 400 Hours

  • Italian Language course (360 hours)
  • C.I.L.S. exam preparation

University Preparation Italian Language Course

The Italian language course is an 8-month intensive program which provides beginner students with the required level of Italian language competence (B2 - Upper Intermediate) necessary for enrolment into an Italian-thaught university program.

Instructors are expert, highly qualified native Italian language professionals who teach through a communicative method, aiming at achieving the best results in all 4 linguistic skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension.

Syracuse Academy is an official C.I.L.S. exam center. Students will register for the summer exam session at the end of May in order to obtain the B2 C.I.L.S. certification which is recognized by all Italian and international universities and design schools.

What are the program dates?

The Pathway Program is a 9-month intensive university preparation program. Students may enroll to start the program in the Fall or Spring semester.

Session I – program start & end dates:

  • October – June
  • January - June (Italian language A2 requirement)
Last updated Dec 2020

About the School

Syracuse Academy is a center for international education in arts and culture with a focus on Mediterranean studies. Syracuse Academy is a University of Siena CILS language exam center and offers unive ... Read More

Syracuse Academy is a center for international education in arts and culture with a focus on Mediterranean studies. Syracuse Academy is a University of Siena CILS language exam center and offers university preparation programs jointly with MADE Fine Arts and Design Academy. The campus is located in the city centee next to the archaeological museum and park, within a short walking distance of the seafront and the island of Ortygia. The main building of the campus is a historic villa that boasts over 2 acres of lush botanical gardens filled with citrus trees, Mediterranean flora, century-old palms, and magnolias, as well as many other exotic trees and plants. Outdoor lessons, labs, workshops, cultural activities such as open-air movie nights and language exchange events are often held within this enchanting setting. A peaceful oasis in the heart of Siracusa, where students find themselves surrounded by history, nature and a dynamic community of international students. Read less