Course objectives

Training of cine-television actors with final practice on the set and work orientation in order to allow our graduates to move independently in the cinematographic field.115060_115033_TecnicheRecitative_Summer_Giovani.jpg


The course covers an 11-month course, for a total of 13 weekends. Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) requires a commitment of 14 hours.

International Cinema Academy has devised a training course conceived with a correct consequentiality in order to be able to form step by step the actor in all its phases.

The course consists of a sequence of meetings with a specific order. It is a complete and well-ordered training program for facing the actor's path and providing sensible professional growth.

The course is divided into three phases with three tests, which will be used by the teachers to assess the actual "work in progress" of the students.

During the third and final phase the students will be the protagonists on the set to "shoot" the scenes of a COMEDY with a professional troupe.

The correct use of the voice and the word obtained will allow to widen the working horizons also in the field of dubbing, voice-over and television management.

At the end of the course of the International Cinema Academy, the student will receive the "Diploma of Film Actor" and will therefore be able to act using the various techniques, interpret different roles - dramatic, brilliant, comedians, etc. - and support an audition on part. He will also have improved ability to move on the film set, occupying the right stage space and feeling at ease with the language used during the shooting.

Course Info

  • Language: In Italian
  • Duration: 11 months
  • Formula: 13 Weekend
  • Departure: 20 September 2019
  • Location: Milan
  • Participants: 15
  • Auditoriums: no

Why attend this course

To whom it is addressed

To those who wish to become professional actors and to all those who wish to improve the art of speaking and public speaking, or even simply to those who wish to strengthen their personality.

ICA methodology

The best preparation is built with a technical training and a solid knowledge of acting. This is what we do at the International Cinema Academy

Artists Audition

A selection phase is planned

"Whatever you do or dream of doing, start doing it ... in the audacity there is genius, power and magic."

Course Modules

The Acting Film-TV Actor course consists of several disciplines

What an actor must be able to do today

The profession of the Actor has changed profoundly over the years, passing from an explosive and representative expressive action to an implosive naturalistic work, in "minor". The module allows you to learn the techniques of natural acting, remembering that naturalness is the end of a theatricalization process and not the beginning. Acting with simplicity is very complicated and a profound destructive work is the first fundamental and exciting step.

Deepening of the acting techniques

Intensive module for the development of the profession of Actor and the deepening of counseling techniques in the field of acting and expression.

Casting Director

The module provides practical training with casting directors and video cameras directly on the set, learning the scenic space and the cinematographic language, in order to enable the actor to support the "audition on part" in different roles . The theoretical part of the module will also allow students to learn about the creation of a cast list down to the smallest detail and the identification of its character, starting from its own physicality.

Diction and voice-over

The module provides the student with skills on the use of the voice - vocal technique, breathing, articulation - of the diction, to modulate the voice and arrive at the correct intonations, with expressive reading exercises and quick reading. The student will be able to approach the world of voice-over, documentaries, oversounds and audiobooks. The step to dubbing will therefore be short.

Advanced Acting

It provides for the enhancement at a professional level of its expressive potential and all the techniques learned, in order to put the student in a position to offer himself professionally both in the cinema and in the vocal one.

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Sep 20, 2019
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