Program Description


Animation is seen as an evolving concept to evolving art form, required by the handwerkliches- and design skills as well as have the will to experiment and artistic venture.

Each image form that involves movement, can be treated here. This includes all forms and materials of the visual arts, and its relation with other artistic disciplines such as theater or dance. Also a link to 3D animation is seen.

Content and form are developed in parallel: from traditional narrative forms and documentary to pure abstraction, from the teleplay for performance.

The presentation will be included in the design process. The sole production of canvas or screen is no longer selbverständlich.

Even before this, the projects of the students were wide-ranging in terms of material and content. There were stories told, implemented in traditional character or stop-motion film, documentaries, 2D computer animation, abstract works, and lately increasingly installations.

Last updated November 2016

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